So Many E-books Now Available Online–Many FREE…07.22.08

22 07 2008

Now that I’ve been thinking more specifically of creating a unified personal learning network, resources seem to be popping up all over.  The following post is from July 16, 2008 [Disclaimer-I don't necessarily personally approve of everything on the lists, their names, or their contents]:

“…More than 100 (web 2.0) addictive book related sites where you can spend any minute of the rest of your life! Linking more than 1.000.000 free books and stories.

Fan Fiction / SF / Fantasy

44 elfwood
45 bean free library
47 fictionpress
48 fictionalley
49 subreality

Make your own books

83 blurb
84 Lulu 100

Magz, Reviews and Interviews

98 Reader Robot
99 cnn reviews
100 small spiral notebook
101 bookrags

Collect and Read Together

108 bookmooch
109 librarything
110 shelfari
111 bibliophil
112 chainreading
113 goodreads
114 bookglutton
115 …”

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One response

23 07 2008

Wow! Great list – I will have to investigate some of these I’ve not seen before.

(can I also plug my own site? It would fit under the Free Short Stories category – Bibliofaction – Free short stories )


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