Learning Cataloging of Non-Print, 3-D, “Realia”…07.30.08

30 07 2008

This won’t be a negative post about the library school I attended or a general post about all the things I think they should have taught but rather on my focus at the time. Since I was not inclined then toward cataloging (“technical services” was the farthest topic from my library interests), only cursory attention was given to the required coursework on the subject although I did well.  Now though I find myself in a position where it would have been beneficial for a more comprehensive and concentrated review of the subject, particularly in regards to cataloging non-print materials. 

I have no problem cataloging our print and audio/visual materials, using DDC with LCSH.  However, I am running into a quandary as how to cope with such collections as print photographs, posters and prints, and “realia” like a large variety of 3-D donor gift premiums, memorabilia, artifacts, etc.

The dilemma at present is that searching online for help has been relatively fruitless to date.  Most references are to highly technical reports or manuals that are geared toward catalog librarians.

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2 responses

15 01 2010
Suzie DeGrasse

Has this gotten any easier for you? I did my master’s thesis on cataloging realia and have learned an awful lot on my own.

19 01 2010

It is an ongoing challenge at times. I will review your blog ephemeraextremus.blogspot.com

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