The New “Inbox”-Social Networks…12.16.08

16 12 2008

No surprises here in this excerpt from SearchEngineWatch’s post “Will Social Networks Become the New Inbox?” [ article]

“The ‘killer app’ of the first part of the Internet boom was e-mail. Then came e-commerce, e-care, search, music, video, and now social media. E-mail has held on through the years as arguably the king of the Internet, used by the old and the young alike. However, the new inbox is shifting toward social media…

E-mail isn’t entirely going away, it just may not be the first means of digital communication in a Socialnomic world. Foremost, the messaging is much easier to manage within social media versus e-mail because it acts like a real conversation among friends…

Whereas e-mail functions in a non-fluid manner, open conversations within social media have an easier flow to them and replicate a normal conversation. Also, the conversational content is broken down into bit-sized chunks and are associated into more easily recognized compartments rather than just a long and daunting slew of 45 e-mails that you need to wade through systematically.

‘Kids today prefer one to many communication; e-mail to them is antiquated,’ said Bill Tancer, Hitwise general manager, global research…

‘Are you on Facebook?’ is the new ‘can I get your phone number?’ The most underlying factor for this new inbox may be in the seismic shift in the way information is exchanged among people. Let’s take a quick look at the evolution in dating over the past 10 years. First, people used to give out their home phone number. Then people began to give out their e-mail instead of their home phone number…

Just as people use Google as a verb — Google it — they’re starting to use phrases like ‘Facebook Me.’ People are no longer exchanging e-mails; they’re exchanging social media information. In many instances, they will never get this e-mail address. If they desire this type of communication, the social networks have inboxes of their own that replicate and replace e-mail…

many companies fail to recognize this and still try and cram e-mails into their database when these users want to be communicated through different ways.”

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