Impressive Building Façade Visualization…07.25.09

25 07 2009

Thanks to The Centered Librarian for pointing out this ever-changing Trompe-l’œil building façade:

The Librarian is NOT in today…07.24.09

24 07 2009


The Lone Wolf is solo this morning on Elk Mountain in the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge and Charon’s Gardens.

Libraries as “Economic Engines” of Downtowns and Neighborhoods…07.23.09

23 07 2009

Here is the beginning of a downloadable article Libraries at the Heart of Our Communities by Wayne Senville from the summer issue of The Planning Commissioner’s Journal:

There’s been a dramatic change in the mission of libraries across the country. No longer just static repositories of books and reference materials, libraries are increasingly serving as the hub of their communities, providing a broad range of services and activities. They are also becoming important ‘economic engines’ of downtowns and neighborhood districts…”

Twitter and the Lone Wolf…07.23.09

23 07 2009


Since inquiring minds want to know, my Twitter account is LoneWolfMLS.

I prefer other means of communication normally, but I do find it frequently useful.

BTW, the Lone Wolf will be incommunicado tomorrow.


“Touchwall Demo”…07.23.09

23 07 2009

U of M Deal With Amazon to Print Out-of-Copyright/Out-of-Print Books…07.22.09

22 07 2009

This excerpted from Cleveland Ohio Business News:

The University of Michigan said Tuesday it is teaming up with Inc. to offer reprints of 400,000 rare, out-of-print and out-of-copyright books from its library. Seattle-based Amazon’s BookSurge unit will print the books on demand in soft cover editions at prices from $10 to $45…

The move is possible because of the university’s project to digitize its collection in partnership with Google Inc., school spokesman Rick Fitzgerald said…

The books in the Michigan-Amazon deal do not have copyright protection and are in the public domain, so no royalty payments go to the author or original publisher….

‘Many publishers and university libraries work with BookSurge … to make content available on-demand,’ BookSurge spokeswoman Amanda Wilson said in an e-mail.

Wilson declined to provide figures on the number of titles on BookSurge’s list or the number of participating libraries. But the print-on-demand service’s 2007 launch began with books from the collections of Emory University, the University of Maine and the Toronto and Cincinnati public libraries. Cornell University recently joined as well, she said.

University of Michigan libraries Dean Paul Courant said the arrangement means ‘books unavailable for a century or more will be able to go back into print, one copy at a time.’

The university sets the prices of each book and shares the revenue with BookSurge. The school didn’t disclose details of the financial arrangement.”

ALA Creates Certification Program for Library Support Staff…07.22.09

22 07 2009


LIS NEWS reports:

“…The LSSC Program is the first national, voluntary certification program for library support staff…”

See: ALA “Library Suppor Staff Certification Program Final Briefing Document

“The Ultimate Guide To Your Windows Mobile Phone”…07.22.09

22 07 2009


The Ultimate Guide to Your Windows Mobile Phone written by Karl Gechlik, from and posted on can be an invaluable tool.


New Apple Tablet Computer May Join With Verison – Competition for Amazon’s Kindle and B&N Plastic Logic?…07.22.09

22 07 2009

picture-28Here is some intersting rumors from the Boy Genius report on the hinted at Apple tablet computer:

“…Apple is allegedly going to team up with Verizon to release an Internet tablet that will be subsidized by the carrier…Having a tablet could be a double-edged sword as well if Apple also decides to compete with the Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s newly announced reader… We’re not saying an Apple/VZW tablet definitely isn’t going to happen… We’re just saying.

“The Machine is (Changing) Us: YouTube Culture and the Politics of Authenticity”…07.22.09

22 07 2009

YouTube Video:

SlideShare Presentation:

“Digital Preservation in the Wild”…07.21.09

22 07 2009

7 Open Source Library Software to Consider…07.22.09

22 07 2009

Here is an excerpt from a very useful post by Brett Bonfield on In the Library With a Lead Pipe titled W-E-B-S-I-T-E, Find Out What It Means To Me:

It’s interesting how many people don’t really understand the concept of open source. People often describe freeware as open source, or they’ll describe free web-based applications as open source, or applications with APIs that allow for mashups. There are articles all the time, on some of the most popular websites, that recommend free software but don’t distinguish programs the authors gives away for free from software that is actually open source.

For a program to be open source, it has to meet two basic qualifications

  1. The author has to provide full access to its source code
  2. The software has to be accompanied by a license that protects the contributions and rights of the community…

In my opinion, there are seven open source software projects worth considering

There’s some apples-and-oranges going on here, in that some of these packages are just components of a website and require other software in order to do everything a library website needs to do (such as inventory management). Other packages cover the entire process…”

My Info Quest Launches Text Reference Service Today…07.21.09

21 07 2009


From the MyInfoQuest release information:

“…Starting today, patrons of approximately 50 libraries from all over the US will be able to text a question to (309) 222-7740 and a real, live librarian will respond within minutes. The service is free of charge, but standard text messaging rates do apply. Staffed by librarians from around the country, answers are sent to cell phones by librarians in 320 characters or less, or the equivalent of two 160-character text messages…

The hours of service will be Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-10 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m…”

Library of Congress Enters Era of Cloud Computing…07.21.09

21 07 2009


CNET reported today:

The Library of Congress National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program and DuraSpace have announced that they will launch a one-year pilot program to test the use of cloud technologies to enable perpetual access to digital content.

The pilot will focus on a new cloud-based service called DuraCloud, that replicates and distributes content across multiple cloud providers and enables organizations to share, access, and preserve said content. Eventually the service will also provide computing capabilities in addition to the storage and archiving functions. (DuraSpace is a joint effort of the Fedora Commons and the DSpace Foundation.)

The project started with a vision of federated repositories and infrastructure that would scale massively and remove the risks of data silos. The other major goal is to make the service usable across external and internal cloud deployments…”

Cloud Computing and Libraries from Matt Hamilton:

OPALescence: A Free Online Library Conference for Everyone…07.21.09

21 07 2009

Thursday and Friday, August 13 and 14, 2009 beginning both days at noon Eastern Time, 11:00 a.m. Central, 10:00 a.m. Mountain, 9:00 a.m. Pacific, and 4:00 p.m. GMT:

    OPALescence: A Free Online Conference for EveryoneHas your travel budget dried up? Still want that conference experience of fresh ideas, lively conversations, and networking with colleagues? Participate in OPALescence, a free online conference for everyone. We’re planning a series of interesting and informative presentations and discussions spread over a two-day period.

    Host: TAP Information Services

    This is a free conference, but please

OPALescence 2009 Schedule [See below]

[Please Note: More Speakers and Presentations Will be Added as We Move Closer to the Conference Dates. All presentations will be held in OPAL Virtual Rooms will be assigned in August. Did you hear a great presentation this year or know of a terrific speaker? We'll invite them! Do you want to speak? Develop a panel? Share names and presentation topics you would like to see as part of OPALescence 2009.]


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Noon Eastern Time, 11 Central, 10 Mountain, and 9 Pacific:

Speaker: Nate Bolt

Topic: The Future of User Experience in Libraries

Location: TBD

1 p.m. Eastern Time, noon Central, 11 Mountain, and 10 Pacific:

Speaker: Alison Miller

Topic: Librarians in Virtual Environments: From Classrooms to Communities

Location: TBD

2 p.m. Eastern Time, 1 Central, noon Mountain, and 11 Pacific:

Speaker: Brenda Hough

Topic: Tech Training

Location: TBD

3 p.m. Eastern Time, 2 Central, 1 Mountain, and noon Pacific:

Speaker: TBD

Topic: TBD

Location: TBD

4 p.m. Eastern Time, 3 Central, 2 Mountain, and 1 Pacific:

Speaker: TBD

Topic: TBD

Location: TBD

Friday, August 14, 2009

Noon Eastern Time, 11 Central, 10 Mountain, and 9 Pacific:

Speaker: Kaite Stover

Topic: TBD

Location: TBD

1 p.m. Eastern Time, noon Central, 11 Mountain, and 10 Pacific:

Speaker: Curtis Rogers

Topic: How American libraries are using Web 2.0 tools for marketing

Location: TBD

2 p.m. Eastern Time, 1 Central, noon Mountain and 11 Pacific:

Speaker: Robin Hastings

Topic: Collaboration 2.0

Location: TBD

3 p.m. Eastern Time, 2 Central, 1 Mountain, and noon Pacific:

Speaker: TBD

Topic: TBD

Location: TBD

5 Online Language Discernment Tools…07.21.09

21 07 2009

Below is potentially useful information from What Language Is This? 5 Online Tools to Identify Almost Every Unknown Language from

3 Tools to Detect Unknown Language Text

1. LangId (passed 18 out of 20 tests, didn’t pass Tatar and Belorussian)…

2. Google Language Detector (passed 17 out of 20 tests, didn’t pass Portuguese, Taglog and Belorussian)…

3. What Language Is This (passed 11 out of 20 tests, didn’t pass Russian, Korean, Ukrainian, Azerbaijani, Macedonian, Tagalog, Greek, Galician and Tatar)…

2 Tools To Detect Websites In Unknown Languages

4. Google Translate with Detect Language as the first option

Passed: 18 out of 20, didn’t pass Belorussian and Tatar…

5. Microsoft Bing Translator with Auto-Detect as the first option.

Passed: 8 out of 20, didn’t pass Dutch, Vietnamese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Azerbaijani, Slovenian, Macedonian, Tagalog, Greek, Galician, Czech and Belorussian…”

“The Future of Libraries” – What’s Next?…07.21.09

21 07 2009

future of librariesPossible “Future of Libraries” from What’s Next: Top Trends from a group considering the following:

“1. What professional skills and attitudes will public library staff be demonstrating in 2030 in order to be successful in the alternative futures in which they might operate?

2. Where will the leadership and funding that drives this success come from?”

Library Marketing and Advocacy- “Promote the Nexus”…07.21.09

21 07 2009

Thanks to OPL Plus (not just for OPLs Anymore) for the post “Promote the Nexus” post today which brings to the forefront the following marketing take-away from the recent ALA 2009 conference:

“Peter Persic, Public Relations and Marketing Director, Los Angeles (California) Public Library, presented this marketing/advocacy idea at the annual conference of the American Library Association.

Libraries are known for Information. This need is also filled by Google.
Libraries are known for Reading. This need is also filled by Barnes & Noble.
Libraries are known as Cultural Centers. This need is also filled by museums.
Libraries are know as Community Centers. This need is also filled by Starbucks.

However, the library ‘is uniquely positioned at the nexus of all four needs.’ So he encouraged listeners to ‘promote the nexus.’…”

Easily Jazz Up PowerPoint Presentations With Video…07.21.09

21 07 2009

Thanks to Jane’s e-Learning Pick of the Day for pointing out the authorSTREAM Desktop application to simply and easily add video to PowerPoint presentations:

Plastic Logic Makes Deal with Barnes & Nobel’s New E-Bookstore – Full Plastic Logic D7 Demo…07.21.09

21 07 2009

LIS News and others report:

“…Barnes & Noble, the largest U.S. bookstore chain by revenue, said it will be the exclusive eBookstore provider on the Plastic Logic eReaderdevice, aimed at business professionals. The ultra-thin 8.5 x 11 inch wireless eReader is set to make its debut early next year…”

plasticlogicSee a Full D7 Demo

The Invitation – to Colombia…07.20.09

20 07 2009

Musical invitation to visit Colombia en Español

English video about visiting Colombia.

Facebook Most Used Social Media For Sharing…07.20.09

20 07 2009


Mashable! reports today that “…According to AddToAny, Facebook now dominates sharing, with 24 percent of shares from the widget consisting of users posting items to the social network. That handily beats out email (11.1 percent) and TwitterTwitter (10.8 percent), making the world’s most popular social network also the most popular service for sharing content. This is undoubtedly welcome news at FacebookFacebook, as the site continues to emphasize sharing and readies its own real-time search engine…”

Instapaper – A fast, easy, free tool to save web pages for reading later…07.20.09

20 07 2009 highlights a great tool called Instapaper which it describes as:

“…an application we’ve covered before here on MakeUseOf – Abhijeet even featured it as one of “4 Awesome Tools to Save Pages For Reading Later.Instapaper is a great tool for saving pages and reading them later, but it’s also got the potential to be so much more.

Instapaper has, over the last several months, become my only source of bookmarks – I’ve ditched Diigo, which I loved; I’ve ditched Evernote, which I still use for everything else. Everything I find on the Web that I want for later now goes into Instapaper, which was made possible by some fantastic updates to the site, and more importantly, to the companion iPhone application…”

2009 ALA Presentations on Collecting for Digital Repositories…07.20.09

20 07 2009


ALA Annual 2009 Collecting for Digital Repositories session presentations from DigitalKoans:

  • Institutional Repositories, Paul Royster
  • Building a Life Sciences Journal Archive: Collection Development and Management of PubMedCentral, Dianne McCutcheon
  • Collecting for Digital Repositories: Data Perspective, Sayeed Choudhury

  • Colombia Celebrates 199 Years of Independence…07.20.09

    20 07 2009


    Happy Birthday [¡Feliz Cumpleaños!COLOMBIA!!!!

    National Anthem – “Oh! Gloria inmarcesible!” (Oh Unfading Glory!)

    Spanish lyrics English translation
    ¡Oh gloria inmarcesible!

    ¡Oh júbilo inmortal!
    En surcos de dolores
    el bien germina ya.

    O unfading glory!
    O immortal joy!
    In furrows of pain
    the good now germinates.

    I I
    Cesó la horrible noche,

    la libertad sublime
    derrama las auroras
    de su invencible luz.
    La humanidad entera,
    que entre cadenas gime,
    comprende las palabras
    del que murió en la cruz.

    The horrible night has ceased,
    the sublime liberty
    spills the auroras
    of its invincible light.
    All humanity,
    moans within its chains,
    understands the words
    of He who died on the Cross.

    II II
    “¡Independencia!” grita

    el mundo americano;
    se baña en sangre de héroes
    la tierra de Colón.
    Pero este gran principio,
    “El rey no es soberano”[1]
    resuena, y los que sufren
    bendicen su pasión.

    “Independence!” cries
    the American world;
    bathed in the blood of its heroes
    the land of Columbus.
    Still, one great principle,
    “The king is not sovereign”,
    resounds, and those who suffer
    bless their passion.

    Del Orinoco el cauce

    se colma de despojos,
    de sangre y llanto un río
    se mira allí correr.
    En Bárbula no saben
    las almas ni los ojos,
    si admiración o espanto
    sentir o padecer.

    The Orinoco‘s bed
    fills with the remains,
    of blood and tears a river
    is there seen flowing.
    In Bárbula they don’t know
    the souls nor the eyes,
    if admiration or horror
    feel or suffer.

    IV IV
    A orillas del Caribe,

    hambriento un pueblo lucha,
    horrores prefiriendo
    a pérfida salud.
    ¡Oh, sí!, de Cartagena
    la abnegación es mucha,
    y escombros de la muerte
    desprecian su virtud.

    On the shores of the Caribbean,
    famished the people fight,
    horrors preferring
    to treacherous health.
    O, aye! for Cartagena
    the abnegation is much,
    and the remains of death
    despises its virtue.

    V V
    De Boyacá en los campos,

    el genio de la gloria,
    con cada espiga un héroe
    invicto coronó.
    Soldados sin coraza
    ganaron la victoria;
    su varonil aliento
    de escudo les sirvió.

    From Boyacá in the fields,
    the genius of glory,
    for every ear a hero
    undefeated crowned.
    Soldiers without breastplate
    won victory;
    their virile breath
    as shield served.

    VI VI
    Bolívar cruza el Ande

    que riegan dos océanos,
    espadas cual centellas
    fulguran en Junín.
    Centauros indomables
    descienden a los llanos,
    y empieza a presentirse,
    de la epopeya el fin.

    Bolivar crosses the Andes
    that two oceans bathe,
    swords as sparks
    shine in Junín.
    Untameable centaurs
    descend to the plains,
    and a prescience begins to be felt,
    of the epic the end.

    La tropa victoriosa

    en Ayacucho truena,
    que en cada triunfo crece
    su formidable son.
    En su expansivo empuje
    la libertad se estrena,
    del cielo americano
    formando un pabellón.

    The victorious troop
    in Ayacucho thunders,
    that in every triumph grows
    its formidable sound.
    In its expansive thrust
    Liberty is worn for the first time,
    from the American sky
    a pavilion forming.

    La virgen sus cabellos

    arranca en agonía
    y de su amor viuda
    los cuelga del ciprés.
    Lamenta su esperanza
    que cubre loza fría,
    pero glorioso orgullo
    circunda su alba tez.

    The virgin her hairs
    pulls out in agony
    and from her love widowed
    hangs them on a cypress.
    Regretting her hope
    covered by a cold headstone,
    but glorious pride
    hallows her fair complexion.

    IX IX
    La patria así se forma,

    termópilas brotando;
    constelación de cíclopes
    su noche iluminó.
    La flor estremecida
    mortal el viento hallando,
    debajo los laureles
    seguridad buscó.

    Thus the mother land is formed,
    Thermopylaes are breaking forth;
    constellation of cyclops
    its night brightened.
    The trembling flower
    finding the wind mortal,
    underneath the laurels
    safety sought.

    X X
    Mas no es completa gloria

    vencer en la batalla,
    que el brazo que combate
    lo anima la verdad.
    La independencia sola
    el gran clamor no acalla;
    si el sol alumbra a todos,
    justicia es libertad.

    But it’s not complete glory
    to defeat in battle,
    that the arm that fights
    is encouraged by truth.
    Independence alone
    The great clamour doesn’t silence;
    if the sun illuminates everyone,
    justice is liberty.

    XI XI
    Del hombre los derechos

    Nariño predicando,
    el alma de la lucha
    profético enseñó.
    Ricaurte en San Mateo,
    en átomos volando,
    “Deber antes que vida,”
    con llamas escribió.

    From men the rights
    Nariño preaching,
    the soul of struggle
    prophetically taught.
    Ricaurte in San Mateo,
    in atoms flying,
    “Duty before life,”
    with flames he wrote.

    JISC – 2009 “Libraries of the Future”…07.20.09

    20 07 2009

    Here is an important video from JISC:

    21st Century Information Literacty…07.19.09

    19 07 2009

    There is an interesting article by Howard Rheingold titled Crap Detection 101.  Here is an excerpt:

    “…’Every man should have a built-in automatic crap detector operating inside him.’ Ernest Hemingway 1964.

    The answer to almost any question is available within seconds, courtesy of the invention that has altered how we discover knowledge – the search engine. Materializing answers from the air turns out to be the easy part – the part a machine can do. The real difficulty kicks in when you click down into your search results. At that point, it’s up to you to sort the accurate bits from the misinfo, disinfo, spam, scams, urban legends, and hoaxes. ‘Crap detection,’ as Hemingway called it half a century ago, is more important than ever before, now that the automation of crapcasting has generated its own word: ‘spamming.’

    Unless a great many people learn the basics of online crap detection and begin applying their critical faculties en masse and very soon, I fear for the future of the Internet as a useful source of credible news, medical advice, financial information, educational resources, scholarly and scientific research. Some critics argue that a tsunami of hogwash has already rendered the Web useless. I disagree. We are indeed inundated by online noise pollution, but the problem is soluble. The good stuff is out there if you know how to find and verify it. Basic information literacy, widely distributed, is the best protection for the knowledge commons: A sufficient portion of critical consumers among the online population can become a strong defense against the noise-death of the Internet.

    The first thing we all need to know about information online is how to detect crap, a technical term I use for information tainted by ignorance, inept communication, or deliberate deception. Learning to be a critical consumer of Webinfo is not rocket science. It’s not even algebra. Becoming acquainted with the fundamentals of web credibility testing is easier than learning the multiplication tables. The hard part, as always, is the exercise of flabby think-for-yourself muscles…

    To me, the issue of information literacy could be even more important than the health or education of some individuals. Fundamental aspects of democracy, economic production, the discovery and use of knowledge might be at stake. Some of the biggest problems facing the world today seem to be far beyond the ability of any individual or community, or even the whole human race, to tackle. But the noise death of the Internet is something we can take on and win. Although large forces are at work, when it comes to the shape of online media, I believe that what people know – and how many people know – matters. Digital media and networked publics are only the infrastructure for participation – the cables and chips do no good unless people know how to use them. The collision of newly participative populations with authoritarian control is taking place every day in Teheran and Beijing, Berlin and Washington, D.C. Nobody knows how this clash will play out, but the one cost-effective measure that the participative have in their contest with central control is know-how. And the lack of know-how among the population is an asset to those who seek to put the lid back on their – our – power of expression.”


    19 07 2009


    According to Wikipedia:

    …”A missionary of the Middle Ages tells that he had found the point where the sky and the Earth touched…”

    [Flammarion, Camille (1888). L'atmosphère: météorologie populaire ("The Atmosphere: Popular Meteorology"). Paris. p. 163.]

    “…The text that accompanies the image reads, in part,

    What, then, is this blue sky, which certainly does exist, and which veils from us the stars during the day? … And yet this dome does not exist. In a balloon, I myself have risen higher than where the Greek gods were supposed to live without getting to this point, which of course disappears at the same rate in which we approach it.’…”

    The article has a good point about the representation similarity to the description of Ezekiel’s vision:

    “…The engraving depicts a man, dressed as a mediaeval pilgrim and carrying a pilgrim’s staff, who peers through the sky as if it were a curtain to look at the hidden workings of the universe. One of the elements of the cosmic machinery bears a strong resemblance to traditional pictorial representations of the ‘wheel in the middle of a wheel’ described in the visions of the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel (see Merkabah)…’

    There have been many colorizations of this work.  I kind of like the image below – reminiscent perhaps of the aspirations of some librarians as pioneer knowledge seekers.


    “…The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” Proverbs 1:7

    6 Screencasting Tips…07.19.09

    19 07 2009 has a helpful post Make the Perfect Screencast With These 6 Great Tips that are excerpted below.

    “…The Right App

    To start creating a screencast, the you will need to first of all download an application that will allow you to record your screen…

    free alternative for both Windows and Mac OS X is Jing. Jing is a screen capture tool from the creators of Camtasia Studio but has been created specifically for screencasts. Although the application can be used without any real limits, the only downside is that the limit on a single recording is five minutes.

    For Linux users, there is an open source project on Sourceforge called Xvidcap.

    To start creating a screencast, the you will need to first of all download an application that will allow you to record your screen…

    free alternative for both Windows and Mac OS X is Jing. Jing is a screen capture tool from the creators of Camtasia Studio but has been created specifically for screencasts. Although the application can be used without any real limits, the only downside is that the limit on a single recording is five minutes.

    For Linux users, there is an open source project on Sourceforge called Xvidcap

    Set the Right Resolution

    The first thing to do when creating a screencast for the online audience is to set your screen resolution to the lowest possible setting…

    The Right Gear

    When creating a screencast, it is very important that viewers can understand what you are saying so that they can easily follow what you are trying to teach or show. For this reason, it is not recommended that you use the microphone that is built into your laptop because there is a chance that they will hear the fan and you may sound distant and unclear…

    The Right Words

    If you are doing a screencast for a video tutorial on how to create a script in PHP, for example; it is a good idea to perform a test run, create the script and think about what you would say at certain steps and making notes so that you can best describe what you are trying to get across. If you are creating a long screencast,it is better to pause the recording a take a break for a few minutes because if you make a mistake that you can’t resolve when recording the screencast, you can start again from the recording before you paused. If you are showing off a new tool to perform a certain task, then take some time to introduce the tool and the link to download it so that you do not cause confusion…

    The Right Format

    Because the screen resolution was a very low setting, when it comes to exporting our screencast, keep the dimensions to 100%…

    The Finishing Touches

    When the file has been successfully encoded and compressed, I will then open it withQuickTime Player and add a logo at the beginning of the screencast as well as a link to my website so people who stumble upon my videos on video sharing websites know where they can find more of my stuff.

    Now that you have finished all the recording, editing and exporting, it is now time to upload your screencast to as many video sharing websites as you know…”

    Amazon BackTracks on Deletion from Customers’ Kindles…07.19.09

    19 07 2009


    Mashable! in “Amazon: We Won’t Remotely Delete Books Again” reported yesterday regarding the recent Kindle debacle:

    Amazon has responded to today’s Kindle book deletions story in an emailed statement, explaining the publisher did not have the rights to distribute the books, but adding that they won’t handle the situation the same way if it happens again.

    The statement, from Amazon’s Drew Herdener, reads:

    These books were added to our catalog using our self-service platform by a third-party who did not have the rights to the books…When we were notified of this by the rights holder, we removed the illegal copies from our systems and from customers’ devices, and refunded customers….We are changing our systems so that in the future we will not remove books from customers’ devices in these circumstances.

    As highlighted by the WSJ, the case draws attention to an expectation gap between real books and their digital counterparts: the latter is simply a license to read the content on your device.”


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