Expanding Patron Services – Gaming at the Library…08.27.09

27 08 2009

LoneWolfMLS – Twitter…08.27.09

27 08 2009

The Lone Wolf Librarian tweets about libraries, librarians, and librarianship – and some other stuff at LoneWolfMLS - as requested.

Expand your vision – embrace the truth.



“Let My Dataset Change Your Mindset” TED Video…08.27.09

27 08 2009

“…Hans Rosling uses his fascinating data-bubble software to burst myths about the developing world…”


Smart Phone Penetration in Elementary Schools…08.27.09

27 08 2009

Thanks to the Centered Librarian for pointing out the following enlightening data visualization:


Amazon Zeros In On Enterprise Cloud Computing Target…08.27.09

27 08 2009

amazon-vpcTechCrunch reported today in Amazon Eyes Big Enterprise Budgets With Virtual Private Cloud Service:

Wanna extend your existing IT infrastructure to the cloud? Amazon can help.

Amazon Web Services is today announcing the limited public beta of Virtual Private Cloud (aka Amazon VPC), a service that essentially makes it possible for customers to create their own logically isolated set of Amazon EC2 instances to connect to their existing network over a secured VPN connection. That means Amazon Web Services is taking a major step in making its cloud computing services even more enterprise-friendly than they already were…”

“Al & Pete’s Search Tips”…08.27.09

27 08 2009

Here are some good videos made by Peter Godwin at the University of Bedforshire:

Download Over a Million Public Domain Books from Google Books in the Open EPUB Format…08.27.09

27 08 2009


From Inside Google Books press release:

“…I’m excited to announce that starting today, Google Books will offer free downloads of these and more than one million more public domain books in an additional format, EPUB. By adding support for EPUB downloads, we’re hoping to make these books more accessible by helping people around the world to find and read them in more places. More people are turning to new reading devices to access digital books, and many such phones, netbooks, and e-ink readers have smaller screens that don’t readily render image-based PDF versions of the books we’ve scanned. EPUB is a lightweight text-based digital book format that allows the text to automatically conform (or “reflow”) to these smaller screens. And because EPUB is a free, open standard supported by a growing ecosystem of digital reading devices, works you download from Google Books as EPUBs won’t be tied to or locked into a particular device. We’ll also continue to make available these books in the popular PDF format so you can see images of the pages just as they appear in the printed book…”

Barriers to Social Media Adoption Falling…08.26.09

26 08 2009

sm-resistanceFrom Mashable! post today STATS: Social Media Resistance Fading Fast:

“Recently, we highlighted a study that showed two-thirds of marketers now use social media in some capacity. Today, more data confirming this trend, but also pointing to what looks poised to be nearly total saturation within a year…”

With New Sony E-Reader is Launched “Words Move Me” Twitter Clone…08.27.09

26 08 2009


Excerpted from TechCrunch post Sony Launches Words Move Me, A Literary Twitter Clone:

“In conjunction with today’s announcement of a new wireless Sony Reader, the electronics giant also launched a literary clone of Twitter called Words Move Me. The site falls into the category of viral social marketing—there are links to the Sony Reader website and eBook store plastered on every page—and was pobviously rushed out before it was ready, but it shows some promise as a niche micro-messaging network centered around sharing quotes from books…”

1000 frames-per-second book scanner…08.27.09

26 08 2009


Thanks to the Digitization 101 blog for pointing out the following:

“…book scanner being developed by the Ishikawa Komuro Laboratory in Tokyo which can reportedly digitize at 1000 frames-per-second. A Japanese TV station did a story on this new technology and shows it in action. You can watch the video at http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/wbs/trend_tamago/tt_154.html. Even if you don’t speak Japanese, the video is worth watching.

“Sony Reader PRS-900 Daily Edition – 7″, 3G wireless, Library eBooks”…08.27.09

26 08 2009


Here is an excerpt from the Sony Reader PRS-900 Daily Edition – 7″, 3G wireless, Library eBooks post yesterday:

“Sony announced their new Sony Reader PRS-900 this morning – with a 7″ screen, a $399 price, and 3G wireless from AT&T. The Sony 900 also has a touchscreen.

The Sony Reader 900 will be available 2009 – Sony consider this a rival to the Kindle 2. Which is strange considering its $100 more expensive. Shouldn’t they be going after the Kindle DX with this?..”

“Tech Support Cheat Sheet”…08.27.09

26 08 2009

tech_support_cheat_sheet_thumb[7]Thanks to ITAR- Information Technology and Access Roundtable

LexisNexis E-blast Blasts Librarians to Market Their Service…08.26.09

26 08 2009

LexisHere is an interesting post about the above e-blast advertisement titled What’s Wrong with Lexis and Thompson Reuters/West? — Desperation

Library Facebook Fan Page – 10 Things to Include…08.26.09

26 08 2009


Here is a list from the Social Networking Librarians from the post 10 Great Things to Include on Your Library’s Facebook Fan Page:

“…1. photos of your library.
2. a library video tour or other promotional videos.
3. a calendar of library events.
4. a rss feed of your library blog.
5. information about how to contact your library.
6. library hours
7. lib guides widget
8. a survey for your patrons to answer about your library.
9. information about new book arrivals
10. links to popular library databases…”

The Lone Wolf is NOT In…08.24.09

24 08 2009


The Lone Wolf has been and will probably continue to be disconnected until Wednesday… I will Tweet some, however, on LoneWolfMLS.

Job Search Site With Most Pageviews – “Indeed”…08.21.09

21 08 2009

indeed-graphIndeed is now the fastest-growing and job search site with the most pageviews according to comSCORE from a post today on TechCrunch.

New Touch Screen Watch Phone Releasing in UK…08.21.09

21 08 2009


According to the Boy Genius Report today:

“…Dick Tracy-like obsession with the LG GD910 touchscreen watch phone…can compose text messages and place video calls…the GD910 can be all yours for £500 ($828 USD)…”

Where Can You See U.S. Currency Printed? Only 2 Places in the World…08.21.09

21 08 2009

I have taken the FREE fascinating tour of the U.S. Bureau of Engraving in Ft. Worth several times.  The only places in the world where U.S. paper currency is legally printed is in Fort Worth TX and Washington D.C.

Marketing National Library Card Sign-Up Month…08.21.09 -

21 08 2009

Good National Library Card Sign-Up Month promotion at the St. Johns County Public Library:


DeeperWeb Searching…08.21.09

21 08 2009

dw-beta-logoVisit DeeperWeb – described as follows:

deeperweb info

“Amazon, Microsoft, and Yahoo Join Coalition Against Google Book Settlement”…08.21.09

21 08 2009


Reuters reports today:

“Can the collective weight of Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN), Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) and Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) help scuttle Google’s book settlement? The three companies are banding together to join an alliance that is urging the Justice Department—which has launched a formal inquiry into the deal—to oppose it under the grounds that it is anti-competitive, the NYT reports…”

Being a Librarian Today is All About Technology and Customer Service…08.21.09

21 08 2009

Here is a an excerpt from a Guardian article from the UK titled Academic Libraries Are Undergoing a Quiet Revolution:

“…Applying for a job in a university library because you ‘love reading’ isn’t going to get you very far these days. These hallowed repositories of academic knowledge have changed beyond recognition over the last decade, and the people recruited to work in them have to be willing to embrace new technologies and customer service with an alacrity that would likely horrify the shushing custodians of the past.

…’Distributing and sharing information is much easier, but things are much more complex behind the scenes. Students think that what they see on their screens is free, but information is very valuable and has to be bought, so often what they see is very strictly controlled by contract.’

Legal knowledge and sophisticated negotiating skills are therefore now at a premium for librarians of the future as they try to secure rights – at an affordable price – to view journals and research papers online, he explains. Once contracts have been finalised, university libraries also need IT specialists who can ensure that the information is only seen by those allowed access. Otherwise, he points out, publishers tend to sue.

The way students use libraries is also changing, observes Core, and this affects not only the way space is deployed within library buildings – silence is no longer golden, at least in some areas where collaborative project work is done – but also the way librarians do their job.

The fact that many UK and overseas students will complete much of their coursework through distance learning, and that others will have arrived at university via the FE sector on access courses, means that tuition in research skills and how to use online library services is crucial. Finding attractive ways to market the services that university libraries can offer is also important, says Core, or else students will scoot off into cyberspace for their information…

This means that for librarians who are just starting out, there are far more options for specialisation and career development now than ever before. And despite the technological emphasis, a passion for communication is crucial

Flexibility and willingness to adapt to new ideas is key

For anyone with leadership ambitions, the available scope – and salaries – are considerable.

‘At any university [a director is] managing a multimillion-pound budget and teams of people. You’ll probably be on the senior team of the university, so you have to be a strategic thinker with political skill and judgment, and show considerable persuasive ability,’ says Hannaford…”

“The Digital Divide Inside the Library”…08.21.09

21 08 2009

ALA TechSource article The Digital Divide Inside the Library excerpted here and worth reading in its entirety poses some interesting questions:

“Technology and reference are intertwining strands of public service. The task of keeping up with Librarians (and their jobs) is getting techier. As our systems get more sophisticated and our desire to overhaul and remake those systems gets more intense, libraries need librarians who are tech savvy and back office staff who are pure tech. It’s not uncommon to hear librarians declare that ‘Technology is Reference’, but is that a one-way street? There’s no doubt that reference librarians need a strong technology skill set, but do our techies need to have public service experience or skills?…”

Integrating Instructional Screencasts Through Twitter as Part of Developing QR Code Library Program…08.21.09

21 08 2009


Here is an interesting update from the Sacramento Public Library from the Screencasting Through Twitter post from the Civil Librarian:

“…I’ve been toying around with how we might somehow integrate instructional screencasts as part of our developing QR code program at SPL so I followed the link. It turns out that Screenr is an incredibly easy to use service for recording screencasts that can then automatically be tweeted from the Screenr website using your Twitter account. Very cool.

So cool, in fact that I spent the next 30 minutes or so “testing” Screenr and really driving one of my co-workers crazy with my annoying voice overs. Anyway, take a look at a very rough take on how twittering libraries might take advantage of Screenr: http://screenr.com/z7s

If you watched the screencast, you’ll know what I mean when I say this is a rough take but the concept has tremendous potential, I believe. Using short screencasts delivered through Twitter, we can provide useful tips about the Library to folks who have already expressed an interest in our services through their decision to follow us...”

“65% of Tweets Still Come From the Web”…08.21.09

21 08 2009

twitter-clientsFrom Mashable! article 65% of Tweets Still Come From the Web

Most Consult the Internet First Instead of a Doctor…08.21.09

21 08 2009

The Web’s Portrait of You – Persona…08.21.09

21 08 2009


Thanks to the Centered Librarian for pointing out interesting Personas:

“…a component of the Metropath(ologies) exhibit, currently on display at the MIT Museum – It creates a data portrait of one’s aggregated online identity. In short, Personas shows you how the Internet sees you. Just enter your name (or someone elses!) and let it run.”

Of course, persona uses data from people with the same name so take it with a proverbial “grain of salt”.  That’s why is put in Lone Wolf Librarian to get the results above.

NEW Locked Safe Search With DuckDuckGo…08.20.09

20 08 2009


This news release from Duck Duck Go:

Duck Duck Go, a new search engine, now enables its users to lock safe search, permanently. By contrast, Google’s safe search can be turned off and on at the click of a button and without the knowledge of adults or administrators.

Safe search is a filter that omits objectionable content when searching. It is often used by parents, schools and workplaces. However, safe search has had a significant problem to date in that it can easily be turned off, rendering it largely ineffective.

Lockable safe search does not have this defect, and is now available from Duck Duck Go’s home page, duckduckgo.com, as well as all its search result pages (in the upper right). After turning safe search on, there is a link further asking if you want to lock safe search. Once locked, safe search cannot be unlocked….”

Video to Be Embedded in Print Magazine…08.20.09

20 08 2009

The BBC reports today some interesting new technology use of embedding video in print publications:

The first-ever video advertisement will be published in a traditional paper magazine in September.

The video-in-print ads will appear in select copies of the US show business title Entertainment Weekly.

The slim-line screens – around the size of a mobile phone display – also have rechargeable batteries.

The chip technology used to store the video – described as similar to that used in singing greeting cards – is activated when the page is turned.

Each chip can hold up to 40 minutes of video.

The first clips will preview programmes from US TV network CBS and show adverts by the drinks company Pepsi…”

Mmmmmm… Will videos be embedded in books next? How quickly will e-readers include video capability?

Cloud Computing Infrastructure on Demand from Amazon, Google, MS “Suffer from Regular Performance and Availability Issues…08.20.09

20 08 2009


This is interesting and possible disturbing to some enterprise cloud computing clients as Australia’s ITNews reports:

“Stress tests conducted by Sydney-based researchers have revealed that the infrastructure-on-demand services offered by Amazon, Google and Microsoft suffer from regular performance and availability issue.

The team of researchers…spent seven months stress testing Amazon’s EC2, Google’s AppLogic and Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing services…

The research found some merit to vendors’ claims of ‘perceived infinite scalability.

But researchers also found that the three platforms delivered wildly variable performance results as Amazon, Google and Microsoft trialled, added and dropped new features.

Response times on the service also varied by a factor of twenty depending on the time of day the services were accessed, she said…”


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