Microsoft Demo Video – Upcoming Tablet Computer Courier…09.30.09

30 09 2009

Gone Hiking Today…09.30.09

30 09 2009

wichita mountains

iCyte…highlight and save text on any webpage…09.29.09

29 09 2009


iCyte enables you to highlight and save text on any webpage, allowing you to recall the most relevant information. You can save sections of webpages or the whole thing…

Webpages you Cyte are saved forever on our server, letting you return to your research even if the webpage has been deleted or modified.

Invite colleagues and friends to join your projects, discover new research, and share information…”

Tablet Social Media Device With Voice Recognition…09.29.09

29 09 2009

frontFrom TechCrunch posting Lighthouse SQ7: A social media device with voice recognition:

“Social media applications are increasingly abstracted from their web-app roots, be it in Adobe air or an iPhone app. Devices like the Chumby have made some inroads towards completely breaking something like Facebook away from your desktop, but they haven’t been popular enough or good enough to catch on. I doubt that will change too much with the Lighthouse SQ7, but I’d be happy to be proved wrong… At $250, it won’t break the bank…”

University of Edinburgh Main Library Re-Development…09.29.09

29 09 2009

Seattle Public Library Adds LibraryThing Local…09.29.09

29 09 2009

sfpl library thing

10 Billion Videos Per Month Now on YouTube and Google…09.28.09

28 09 2009


Mashable! reported today:

“comScore has just released their August video measurement data, and it’s been another enormous month for video viewing across Google sites.

With YouTube accounting for 99% of its video views, GoogleGoogle was able to rake in more than 10 billion video views in total for the month of August in the US — an increase of more than a billion views in just one month. comScore also credits the internet giant with nearly 40% of the total market share for all online video views…”

“21 st Century Literacies” – Howard Rheingold…09.27.09

27 09 2009

Bookeen E-Reader – New Opus…09.27.09

27 09 2009


Cybook Opus Model: CYBPE10W $250:

“…This pocket sized reader can be held in one hand and fits perfectly in any purse, briefcase or pocket!
It is the lightest on the market -only 5.3 ounces! Over 1,000 books can be stored in its large 1 GB of internal storage memory!
The Cybook Opus boasts an impressive 200dpi ePaper screen which provides a paperlike high contrast appearance and ultra-low power consumption on the revolutionary EInk ® Technology. With its accelerometer – screen position can switch from portrait to landscape mode automatically….”

Real Time Web and the Library Presentation – Jason Griffey…09.27.09

27 09 2009

Sunday Worship –Everlasting, Your light will shine when all else fades – Never ending, Your glory goes beyond all fame…09.27.09

27 09 2009 Launch Announced…09.26.09

26 09 2009


“The Library of Congress has launched a new multimedia website offering resources from throughout the Library designed to encourage the reading of books and to interest users in learning about the authors and illustrators who create them. The Center for the Book in the Library of Congress is offering this site,, as part of its mission to promote books, reading, literacy and libraries

Kindle E-Reader Orientation at the University of Washington…09.26.09

26 09 2009

Where Does All The Time Go? Use it Don’t Waste it – iMinds…09.25.09

25 09 2009

Tweeting Misleading Applications – The Danger of Shortened URLs…09.25.09

25 09 2009

Video -Text Messaging Reference Software for Libraries…09.25.09

25 09 2009

text a lib

Here is a video worth watching from MOSIO: Text a Librarian -Text Messaging Reference Software for Libraries


Operating System Choices for Libraries and Others…09.25.09

25 09 2009

Thanks to Stephen Abram for pointing out the Venn diagram below that says a lot from Gizmodo:


“A Fundamental Shift In How We Communicate: George Siemens, Twitter And The Real-Time Web”…09.25.09

25 09 2009

Precious in the Sight of the Lord is the Death of His saints…09.25.09

25 09 2009

Mom’s earthly remains are returning to the dust of the earth today but her spirit is now with Jesus in Heaven.

‘Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.’
To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.

“Providing for Knowledge, Growth, and Prosperity: A Benefit Study of the San Francisco Public Library”…04.25.09

25 09 2009

3950845849_d18ae3d116From the Future of Libraries 5.0 / Friends of SFPL Benefit Analysis (Click on image for larger view)

Academic Libraries of the Future…09.24.09

24 09 2009


Inside Higher Education article Libraries of the Future, relevant to all libraries, is excerpted here:

The university library of the future will be sparsely staffed, highly decentralized, and have a physical plant consisting of little more than special collections and study areas.

That’s what Daniel Greenstein, vice provost for academic planning and programs at the University of California System, told a room full of university librarians Wednesday at Baruch College of City University of New York…

Within the decade, he said, groups of universities will have shared print and digital repositories where they store books they no longer care to manage. ‘There are national discussions about how and to what extent we can begin to collaborate institutionally to share the cost of storing and managing books,’ he said. ‘That trend should keeping continuing as capital funding is scarce, as space constraints are severe, especially on urban campuses — and, frankly, as funding needs to flow into other aspects of the academic program.’…”

iPhone App Augmented Reality – Bionic Eye…09.24.09

24 09 2009

Netherlands Bookstore in Former Dominican Church…09.23.09

23 09 2009


This beautiful bookstore from a converted church is described:

“The contemporary building interior of the Bookstore Selexyz Dominicanen was designed by Merkx+Girod architects in Maastricht, Netherlands for the Dutch booksellers Selexyz Dominicanen. Merkx+Girod were commissioned by the Dutch booksellers to convert the interior of the former Dominican Church in Maastricht into a modern bookstore…”

The Lone Wolf on Twitter…09.23.09

23 09 2009

wolvesThe Lone Wolf Librarian on Twitter is

“Introducing Google Sidewiki”…09.23.09

23 09 2009

See the List of “100 Free Library 2.0 Webinars and Tutorials”…09.23.09

23 09 2009

Here is an excerpt from the posting 100 Free Library 2.0 Webinars and Tutorials from College@Home:

“…Specific Tools

These resources highlight different pieces of Library 2.0, like YouTube and Second Life.

  1. Introduction to Second Life: Learn how to make Second Life work for you as a virtual library using this webinar.
  2. Web 2.0 Services: A Rich Toolbox for Information Professionals: Check out this presentation for a look at useful services for Library 2.0.
  3. Look What’s Coming Down the Tube: See how YouTube and other video tools can be used for the library and education.
  4. My Friend, Flickr: This slideshow will tell you how to use Flickr to create useful things.
  5. The Best Web 2.0 Applications for Education: Check out this list for tools that you can put to work in your library.
  6. iGoogle Gadgets @ Your Library: This slideshow explains how you can make an iGoogle Gadget for your library’s catalog.
  7. Teen Second Life: Library Services in a 3D World: Visit this webinar to learn how you can make library services more fun and relevant for teens by presenting them in Second Life…”

New Microsoft Courier Tablet Revealed…09.23.09

23 09 2009

microsft-courier-leakThe Boy Genius Report today revealed:

“Apple’s tablet might have captured our imagination but leaked renders of Microsoft’s secret Courier tablet have captured our hearts. Believe it or not, it’s actually quite difficult to describe the Courier. It’s comprised of two hinged multitouch displays that are each about seven inches diagonal. They open away from each other like a book, and rest in a case that resembles a book jacket. Responding to both finger gestures and the precise touch of a stylus, the screens cooperate with one another to allow users to drag documents, pictures, text and various other elements of the UI from screen to screen. Other notes: there is a home button on the hinge, status LEDs along the side and even a 3 megapixel camera with flash and 4x digital zoom for good measure…”

New E-Reader From Best Buy and Verizon to Be Announced Today…09.23.09

23 09 2009


The New York Time reports:

“…On Wednesday, iRex Technologies, a spinoff of Royal Philips Electronics that already makes one of Europe’s best-known e-readers, plans to announce that it is entering the United States market with a $399 touch-screen e-reader.

Owners of the new iRex DR800SG will be able to buy digital books and newspapers wirelessly over the 3G network of Verizon, which is joining AT&T and Sprint in supporting such devices. And by next month, the iRex will be sold at a few hundred Best Buy stores, along with the Sony Reader and similar products.

By all accounts, e-readers are set to have a breakout year. Slightly more than one million of them were sold globally in 2008, according to the market research firm iSuppli. The firm predicts that 5.2 million will be sold this year, more than half of them in North America, driven by the popularity and promotion of the Kindle, which is available only through Amazon’s Web site…”

E-Book Universe…09.23.09

23 09 2009


“100 Ways to Use Twitter in Your Library”…09.22.09

22 09 2009


The Librarian in Black has posted 100 Ways to Use Twitter in Your Library


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