The Anywhere Library – “A Primer for the Mobile Web”…03.31.10

31 03 2010

From ACRL:

“ACRL announces the publication of The Anywhere Library: A Primer for the Mobile Web by Courtney Greene, Missy Roser, and Elizabeth Ruane of DePaul University. Mobile computing is rapidly becoming an important part of everyday life. With a user-centered, practical emphasis geared to the non-technical librarian, The Anywhere Library: A Primer for the Mobile Web approaches the creation of a mobile-optimized library Web site as a process rather than simply as a product.

The authors guide readers through the process of mobile Web development by providing numerous examples of site design for a variety of different devices, planning and decision-making tips and sample code. The book also serves as a guide for the future, with resources and tips on iteration and revision. Taking the mystery out of designing, planning and launching a mobile library Web site,The Anywhere Library is an invaluable resource for librarians everywhere…”

FREE Cataloging Tools…03.31.10

31 03 2010

Google Bookmarks With Lists…03.31.10

31 03 2010

Unconferences in Public Libraries…03.30.10

30 03 2010

Using Organizational Culture to Improve Library Services…03.30.10

30 03 2010

Click on image to go to the presentation from the PLA conference.

Say Hello to the Much Anticipated iPad…03.30.10

30 03 2010

Apple is now providing Guided Tours of its new iPad.

Chatroulette Skyrockets in February…03.30.10

30 03 2010

William Blake Archive Publishes 20 Color Illustrations of the Bible…03.20.10

30 03 2010

“The William Blake Archive is pleased to announce the publication of an electronic edition of 20 of Blake’s water color illustrations to the Bible. They are presented in a new category in the Archive’s main Table of Contents, ‘Illustrations to the Bible, c. 1780-1824,’ under Drawings and Paintings, Water Color Drawings. These designs illustrate the Old Testament and are arranged according to the passages illustrated. They are presented in our Preview mode, one that provides all the features of the Archive except Image Search and Inote (which provides detailed descriptions of Blake’s images).

The Bible had an enormous influence on Blake’s work as both artist and poet. Among his many and complex responses to that text are water color drawings. The present group of 20 is selected from a sequence of about 80 biblical water colors of similar size that Blake painted for Thomas Butts between c. 1800 and c. 1806…”

Dashboard App for iPad…03.29.10

29 03 2010

5 Essential Apps for Your Facebook Fan Page…03.29.10

29 03 2010

From Mashable’s 5 Essential Apps for Your Business’s Facebook Fan Page:

1. Static FBML for Your Page Sidebar

We’ve already discussed how the Static FBML app can be used to make your Fan Page a unique destination. But this versatile plugin can also bring some interactivity to the column that appears on the left-hand side of your page.

Vertical, left-hand navigation is something users expect to find on most websites. They will be comfortable looking there for additional links, promotions and contact details. Moving a Static FBML box over to the left-hand column is a great way to exploit this valuable real estate. Here’s how to do it.

If you haven’t already done so, add the app to your Fan Page and make sure it’s functioning as a ‘Box’ rather than a ‘Tab.’ Add content to your box using standard HTML. Graphics cannot be uploaded to Facebook here, so you must reference them from a URL — likely one on your own hosted website or blog.

For a sidebar, think about adding some clean graphic buttons or icons that link out to other destinations your fans would be interested in, such as your company website, blog or TwitterTwitter account. This sidebar will be visible no matter what Fan Page tab your visitors are on, so consider using graphic elements that coincide with your existing logo and color scheme.

Once your content is added and saved, it will appear as a box on the ‘Boxes’ tab. Head over there to ensure that your HTML has rendered properly. If so, click the ‘PencilPencil‘ in the top-right corner of the box and select ‘Move To Wall Tab.’ This will display your content in the left-hand navigation of your page.

1. Promotions

Contests and giveaways are a great way to engage people with your brand, especially on the social web. A chance at some free stuff is one of the top reasons people follow and friend brands in the first place. The Promotions app makes it easy to build and publish a contest on Facebook in a way that is inherently social and shareable.

Promotions is different from many Facebook apps in that the content you create for it lives on the developer’s website. This makes it a versatile tool, but you’ll have to sign up for a free account at

Once you create an account and connect the registered app to Facebook, the promotions you generate on WildFire will populate the tab on your Fan Page. Promotions are easily built through a step-by-step process. Provide the dates of the contest, the types of prizes, the fields for the entry form, specific parameters about contest entry and rules, and upload any additional artwork you want to include.

3. Social RSS Feed

If you already have great content from your company’s blog or another social network that you’d like to bring to the fore of your Facebook presence, Social RSS is a smart tool.

You can configure this app to automatically pull in updates from any RSS or ATOM feed and display them as posts on your Fan Page, either on a dedicated tab, a wall tab (on the left side) or as part of your core news feed. It’s a useful way to automate your content and eliminate the need to republish things manually to your Facebook Page.

Take note, however, that fans on social networks are much more responsive to curated content. Especially on Facebook, where people connect to a smaller community of personal friends and family, an unfiltered pipeline of RSS content may not be welcome in all news feeds. If your core customers are already subscribed to your blog and other social accounts, a double-dose of the same exact content may trigger some to hide your updates or ‘un-fan’ you. Consider relegating your Social RSS feed to a tab if this is the case…”

4. Pollpoll

…A poll can be a casual way to get a read from your fans about a new product, a new page design, or your business in general.

In the poll settings, simply name your burning question (What do you think of our new spicy burritos?), list your choices (DeliciousDelicious, Pretty Tasty, Needs Work, Offensive) and select your publishing options.

Polls can be published to your Page wall/feed, live on a custom tab or be popped into your left-hand navigation where visitors can click anytime they come to your Page. You can invite your friends to take a poll, and they can easily share it out as they would any other post or app. Both you and your visitors can see the poll results without leaving Facebook…

5. YouTube for Pages

If creating video content is part of your business’s social media strategy (and we recommend it should be) you can squeeze more views out of your productions by dedicating a Fan Page tab to your YouTubeYouTube channel.

hat’s exactly what the YouTube for Pages app does. To activate the app, you’ll have to set up a free account at the developer website involver. Once it’s connected to your Fan Page, simply input the YouTube channel you’d like to pull videos from (it could be your own or anyone else’s), pick a few more settings, and you’re all set.

The app ‘features” your most recent upload or favorite, and displays thumbnails for previous videos on a simple, clean interface..”

New Hubble Map of Dark Matter…03.29.10

29 03 2010

Excerpted from Discovery News:

“Dark matter makes up the majority of mass in our universe. However, we cannot directly measure the stuff as it doesn’t interact with electromagnetic radiation (i.e. it doesn’t emit or reflect any light), but we can indirectly observe its presence.

In this beautiful multicolored Hubble Space Telescope image, the distribution of mostly dark matter has been calculated and mapped. Basically, the location and density of anything with mass has been plotted in a 3D representation of the cosmos.

But if the majority of matter (i.e. dark matter) cannot be seen, how did Hubble work out its location?…”

iMockups for iPad…03.29.10

29 03 2010

Amon Carter Museum Library Open House…03.29.10

29 03 2010

1,100+ Cities Apply for Google Fiber Network…03.28.10

28 03 2010

TechCrunch reports:

“Yesterday, Google product manager posted a blog post stating that 600 communities applied to be a guinea pig for the search giants experimental fiber network. And 190,000 individuals wrote letters of support for their communities to be chosen. But the post was written with 5 hours until the deadline, so it was expected that more cities would apply to be chosen by the end of the day on Friday. Yesterday night, Kelly updated the post with the final tally: 1100 communities submitted applications, and 194,000 individuals posted letters of support for their communities.

Google also posted a map showing the locations of the applications and letters of support. Each small dot represents a government response, and each large dot represents locations where more than 1,000 residents submitted a nomination. It appears that applications centralized around both coasts, with a few of the central areas of the U.S. noticeably lacking in participation…”

Hallelujah, For the Lord God Omnipotent Reigneth…Palms Sunday 2010

28 03 2010

Christian and unashamed to be called one…anywhere.

Although it is a cliché, it is true that “Wise men still seek Him“.

Palm Sunday – His Trip to the Cross: Atonement for You and Me…03.28.10

28 03 2010

Research Libraries, Risk, & Systemic Change – OCLC Research…03.28.10

28 03 2010

Holy Week Begins Tomorrow: Jesus Lives! – Christ in Me the Hope of Glory…03.27.10

27 03 2010

God in my living
There in my breathing
God in my waking
God in my sleeping

God in my resting
There in my working
God in my thinking
God in my speaking

Be my everything

God in my hoping
There in my dreaming
God in my watching
God in my waiting

God in my laughing
There in my weeping
God in my hurting
God in my healing

Christ in me the hope of glory
You are everything

Christ in me the hope of glory
Be my everything

Jesus everything

Premier Issue of Journal of Library Innovation Now Online…03.27.10

27 03 2010

Blio E-Reader from Ray Kurzweil Coming Soon…03.27.10

27 03 2010

Learning 2.0 in Public Libraries…03.27.10

27 03 2010

Cory Doctorow on Book Pricing…03.27.10

27 03 2010

Year of the Librarian: The Future is ours for the Taking…03.27.10

27 03 2010

Libraries and Innovation…03.27.10

27 03 2010

5 Trends Shaping Libraries…03.27.10

27 03 2010…03.26.10

26 03 2010

‘…a new resource for libraries, Our mission is to help raise awareness of the funding crisis libraries are facing. We will serve as an aggregator of news about library budget cuts, closings, and reductions, and compile links to ‘Save Library’ campaigns.

Our slogan is, ‘When one library is in trouble, ALL libraries are in trouble.’ There is a trend happening in this country and it’s one as a society that we should be appalled at. Our libraries represent the freedom and democracy that our country was founded on. Can you think of another place where all are welcome? No matter what your color, religion, or economic status the library is there with open doors.

However when libraries close and communities accept library closings as ‘the new normal,’ then all libraries are in trouble. Other states, other communities, and other politicians are going to get the message that it’s ok. If it was ok for _____________ to close it’s libraries, then it’s ok here.

Well here’s a message. It’s not ok! Especially now. Communities need their libraries more than ever…”

Goin’ Mobile – Smartphone traffic is up 193% in a year…03.26.10

26 03 2010

New Zealand – National Digital Library…03.26.10

26 03 2010

Eye-Tracking Tablets – Text 2.0…03.26.10

26 03 2010

Communities of Practice…03.25.10

25 03 2010


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