Expanding Minds With Library Resources…05.31.10

31 05 2010

Teaching in Libraries…05.31.10

31 05 2010

Memorial Day Tribute…05.31.10

31 05 2010

Lifelong Role of Libraries…05.29.10

29 05 2010

Thanks to Stephen Abrams for posting this graphic from the Minnesota Libraries Collaborate to Serve Minnesotans. [Click on graphic for larger image]

New Comprehensive Guide to Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery – It Could Happen to You!…05.29.10

29 05 2010

NEW and important from ACRL – Comprehensive Guide to Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery

Great Use Of Mobile QR Codes in Books – Ubimark Books…05.29.10

29 05 2010

Awesome Desktop eBook Reader called MartView…05.29.10

29 05 2010

Excerpt from MakeUseOf post Make Reading On Your Computer a Pleasure With MartView:

“…there are eBook reader devices that now incorporate an animated sort of ‘page turning’. Those features are awesome, but they don’t help you much when you’re trying to read an eBook on your computer when you’re not mobile. This is why I was very excited to discover an awesome desktop eBook reader called MartView.
MartView is a unique digital reader application for Windows (Mac version available soon) that recreates this ‘authentic’ reading experience. Using this reader, you can also read regular PDF documents as well, such as a free PDF eBook download. You can slowly or quickly turn or bend pages, scroll through documents using a variety of methods and orientations, and much more….

Once you download and install the application, it looks like this…”

NEW Thinner Kindle E-Reader Coming…05.29.10

29 05 2010

From Mashable:

“…Amazon will introduce a new version of its popular e-reader in August. It will boast a thinner build, sharper contrast, and faster page-turning. However, it will not be a touchscreen device, nor will it boast color.

Apple is gunning directly for Amazon’s e-book business with its iBooks store, which publishers have embraced as an alternative to Amazon’s long-standing dominance in the e-book space.

The iPad’s multitude of uses and starting price point of $499 are a threat to the Kindle, although the iPad’s LED screen isn’t as well suited as the Kindle for extended reading. The Kindle utilizes black-and-white e-ink technology to make reading on the device less strenuous on the eyes…”

New Way to View & Organize Photos With Cloud-Like Tagging and Manipulation

28 05 2010

EBSCO Library Collections and Budgeting Trends Survey…05.28.10

28 05 2010

From the recently released EBSCO Library Collections and Budgeting Trends Survey:

“EBSCO conducted a survey in February to assess the impact of current economic conditions on libraries. Many respondents reported that their libraries have been impaired by budget pressures and that they continue to look for cost-saving strategies heading into 2010-2011.”

Percentage of librarians indicating the following staff actions

Percentage of librarians indicating they are very or somewhat likely to employ the following strategies:

Percentage of librarians indicating a metric as very important when making content acquisition/ de-selection decisions

Summer Reading Promo…05.28.10

28 05 2010

Could/Should This Be The New National Library Symbol?????…05.27.10

27 05 2010

The new national library symbol?

NEW Pew Internet & American Life Project Report…05.27.10

27 05 2010

From the Overview:

“More than half (57%) of adult internet users say they have used a search engine to look up their name and see what information was available about them online, up from 47% who did so in 2006. Young adults, far from being indifferent about their digital footprints, are the most active online reputation managers in several dimensions. For example, more than two-thirds (71%) of social networking users ages 18-29 have changed the privacy settings on their profile to limit what they share with others online.

Reputation management has now become a defining feature of online life for many internet users, especially the young. While some internet users are careful to project themselves online in a way that suits specific audiences, other internet users embrace an open approach to sharing information about themselves and do not take steps to restrict what they share…”

Global Libraries and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation…05.27.10

27 05 2010

From the Global Libraries initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:

“…We’re supporting efforts to supply and sustain free public access to computers and the Internet around the world. Our current partners are Chile, Mexico, Botswana, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, and Vietnam. We’re funding programs that evaluate local technology needs, purchase equipment, train library staff, and help libraries build public support for long-term funding in the following ways:

Benefit from lessons learned.
Our work to provide free computers and Internet access started with public libraries in the United States and then extended internationally. We learned both in the U.S. and abroad that it is much easier to install computers and Internet connections than it is to sustain them. Libraries need long-term funding plans to keep up Internet equipment and services. That lesson informs our international strategies.

Understand local needs.
Different countries have different needs, capabilities, and priorities. We’re working with our library and government partners to create programs that are sensitive to local and national conditions.

Work with committed partners.
Governments of the countries to which we provide grants must demonstrate that they are willing and able to commit resources to support libraries now and in the future.

Provide up-to-date hardware and fast Internet connections.
We fund pilot programs and grants to purchase hardware. Our partner, Microsoft, donates software if the country requests it. Each country makes a significant investment for infrastructure, librarian salaries, and Internet connections.

Train library staff to use, maintain, and introduce technology.
We fund training so that library staff are able to develop and teach computer and Internet skills, along with technical support to set up, maintain, and evaluate the effectiveness of new technology.

Encourage public support for free access to computers and the Internet.
We’re working with our partners to demonstrate and communicate the benefits of providing free public access in libraries. Once a year, we also present a $1 million Access to Learning Award to recognize the innovative efforts of a library or similar organization that provides wider access to technology and strengthens communities…”

Aluratek’s Libre reader – $100 @ Sears…05.26.10

26 05 2010

From BoingBoing:

Aluratek’s Libre reader gets it: it’s cheap — $150 list, $100 at Sears — and fills the long-form reading niche that brightly-screened tablets like the iPad can’t serve, but which no-one is going to spend a lot of money on anymore. There are compromises: it’s slow to flip pages and is not a pretty thing at all. Furthermore, the display doesn’t seem as nice as other readers, either. Sony’s superior Pocket Reader is also only a little more expensive. But it is more expensive, so if you’re just looking for something quasi-disposable to replace airport paperbacks, here you go. It even comes with a free SD card, loaded with out-of-copyright classics…”

More on Transliteracy…05.26.10

26 05 2010

ebrary Announces New Pilot Program for Public Libraries with Free Access for Local Schools…05.26.10

26 05 2010

“To help public libraries address the growing needs of school students, job seekers, and other library patrons, ebrary®, a leading provider of digital content products and technologies, today announced a new pilot program that combines more than 20,000 e-books from leading publishers under a simultaneous, multi-user access subscription model; free access for local public high schools; do-it-yourself e-publishing tools; and complimentary marketing services.

To help public libraries address the growing needs of school students,job seekers, and other library patrons, ebrary®, a leading provider of digital content products andtechnologies, today announced a new pilot program that combines more than 20,000 e-books fromleading publishers under a simultaneous, multi-user access subscription model; free access for localpublic high schools; do-it-yourself e-publishing tools; and complimentary marketing services…”

Models for Libraries Outside of Libraries…05.26.10

26 05 2010

Excerpted from The Thingology Blog:

“….five types libraries outside of libraries (exluding what might be done with ebooks). Are there any I’m missing?

1. The Bookmobile.

2. The Short-Lived Library. Set up a branch library that lives for a defined period of time, like Boston’s Storefront Library. It’s like an “event store,” but a library. The Storefront Library was a big community success.

3. ‘Branch-for-a-day.’ Find a bunch of spaces–empty storefronts, community center rooms or whatever–and roll full book carts into them on a schedule–Monday this neighborhood, Tuesday that neighborhood, etc. Has this ever been tried?

4. The Cafe Shelf. Set up mini-branches consisting of shelves–general or themed–in public commercial spaces, like coffee shops. The books would be owned but probably non-collection items. Care would be taken to tie all the books back to the main collection, with paper inserts or whatever.

5. The Vending-Machine Library. Like Conta Costa’s Library-a-Go-Go, a cross between Redbox and your library. It’s like a library, but with no pesky salaries and a terrible selection…”

“The 24th Thing”…05.26.10

26 05 2010

There’s Still Room for Libraries…05.26.10

26 05 2010

From Library Garden:

TED Talk – The Learning Revolution…05.25.10

25 05 2010

NEW Pew Research Report on How Blogs and Social Media Agendas Relate and Differ from Traditional Press…05.25.10

25 05 2010

Excerpted from How Blogs and Social Media Agendas Relate and Differ from Traditional Press:

“News today is increasingly a shared, social experience. Half of Americans say they rely on the people around them to find out at least some of the news they need to know. Some 44% of online news users get news at least a few times a week through emails, automatic updates or posts from social networking sites. In 2009, Twitter’s monthly audience increased by 200%.

While most original reporting still comes from traditional journalists, technology makes it increasingly possible for the actions of citizens to influence a story’s total impact.

What types of news stories do consumers share and discuss the most? What issues do they have less interest in? What is the interplay of the various new media platforms? And how do their agendas compare with that of the mainstream press?

To answer these questions, the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism has gathered a year of data on the top news stories discussed and linked to on blogs and social media pages and seven months’ worth on Twitter. We also have analyzed a year of the most viewed news-related videos on YouTube. Several clear trends emerge…”

Building the Participatory Library…05.25.10

25 05 2010

Leeds Library…05.24.10

24 05 2010

Digital Academic Content and the Future of Libraries…05.24.10

24 05 2010

Beyond Library 2.0…05.23.10

23 05 2010

Libraries and Generational Awareness…05.23.10

23 05 2010

DARPA’s Self-learning Software…05.23.10

23 05 2010

Excerpted from Wired:

“Software systems could one day analyze everything from blurry war-zone footage to the subtle sarcasm in a written paragraph, thanks to two unassuming scientists who are inspired by biology to make revolutionary strides in intelligent computing.

Yann LeCun and Rob Fergus, both computer science professors at New York University, are the brains behind ‘Deep Learning,’ a program sponsored by Darpa, the Pentagon’s blue-sky research agency. The idea, ultimately, is to develop code that can teach itself to spot objects in a picture, actions in a video, or voices in a crowd…”

Check Out National Museum Day This Year…05.23.10

23 05 2010

Museum Day is an annual event hosted by Smithsonian Media in which participating museums across the country open their doors for free to anyone presenting a Museum Day Ticket.

Read more: http://microsite.smithsonianmag.com/museumday/#ixzz0okyUVfIA

The Digital Information Seeker Report…05.23.10

23 05 2010

Click on image to download The Digital Information Seeker report.


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