Initial inventory & search for ILS options…05.22.08

22 05 2008

An Initial Inventory

The initial inventory took several weeks.  4,914 lines of data were listed in the Excel spreadsheet I created [frequently multiple copies per line were recorded since the library requires 5 copies of various items] so I knew I was up against a much larger task then anyone anticipated.  Of course, it is unfortunate that no one else still comprehends the magnitude or scope of the job 2 1/2 years later.  However, this process was beneficial in helping to identify what ILS products would be sufficient to meet the needs at that time.

ILS Options Research Outline for Elaboration

 1. Internet searches, online demos, etc.

 2. General selection criteria based upon perception of perceived needs.

 3. OPAC needs.

 4. Z39.50 capabilities 

 5. IT Dept. involvement & communications

 6. Budgetary guidelines or lack thereof 

 7. IT Dept specs requirements & limitations 

 8. ILS selection process 

 9. Purchase approval process 

10. IT access/security concerns/back ups 

11.  Software maintenance agreements

12.  Installation process 

13.  OPAC internet access

In the next few posts, I will elaborate on each of the above items followed by the results of the first investigate trip to the out of state storage facilities and the purchase/selection of supplies.

I will round out my first week of blogging tomorrow and perhaps solicit comments from a fellow librarian or two.

“A prudent question is one-half of wisdom.”–Sir Francis Bacon

“A man has to know his limitations.”–Dirty Harry




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