Flickr Uses for Libraries…06.25.08

25 06 2008

Jessica Merritt’s post at which is almost entirely below ( ) on “…How to Make Flickr Work for Your Library…” was loaded with useful reference information should I or someone else want to use Flickr in this or another library.  I have used Flickr in the past before it was purchased by Yahoo.  My personal photos were migrated to Yahoo Flickr when this happened.  Unfortunately, I would not upgrade to the non-free version so now only a small portion of my photos are available to me without upgrading my account.  I was given time to move the photos before the big change but obviously it wasn’t enough time for me.  Anyway, here are the ideas about using Flickr professionally (I hope they don’t mind using so much of the post.  The copyright information is at the bottom):

Getting Started

Follow these guides to get a crash course in using Flickr in your library.

  1. Why should librarians care about Flickr?: This librarian makes the case for using Flickr in the library.
  2. Priceless Images: Getting Started with Flickr: Check out this post for an introduction to Flickr for libraries.
  3. Get Flickr-tastic!: This guide will show you the ropes for using Flickr in your library.


Check out these ideas for using Flickr to get inspired.

  1. Give a virtual tour: See how this library offers a look around on Flickr.
  2. Online Outreach: Sarah Houghton-Jan suggests using Flickr to find images of your library.
  3. Share event photos: This library shares photos of a Charlotte’s Web event on Flickr.
  4. Advocate with Images: This article discusses using Flickr to let your community know what’s going on in the library.
  5. Flickr for a Library Tour: This librarian from the University of Winnipeg describes the details she used to create a photo tour of the library.
  6. Share history: Post historical photos of your library on Flickr for all to see.
  7. Create custom posters: Lansing Public Library made their own READ posters with Flickr.
  8. Promote events: This library promoted their book and bake sale on Flickr.
  9. Libraries and Librarians: This group on Flickr is a fast growing community of librarians around the world.
  10. Show off cool gear: Inspire other librarians by sharing new additions to your library.
  11. Library of Congress: Visit this awe-inspiring image archive to get an idea of how powerful Flickr can be for your library.
  12. Libraries that use Flickr: Check out this list to see how other libraries are making use of Flickr.
  13. Murder by the Book: This Flickr set promotes a murder mystery event held at a library.
  14. Flickr/Yahoo & Library Collection: Find out how the National Library of Australia is building an image bank with Flickr.
  15. Steal this Idea: Flickr for Librarians: This resource offers a wealth of great ideas for using Flickr in your library.
  16. Image storage: This wiki page takes advantage of Flickr’s easy image storage.
  17. How nonprofits can use Flickr: TechSoup offers recommendations for using Flickr.
  18. Teen Trading Cards: Hennepin County Library has used Flickr to get teens involved.
  19. Create a magazine cover: One library used a Flickr tool to create a magazine cover and share it with the community.
  20. Things to Do With Flickr in Libraries: This guide offers a variety of useful ideas for putting Flickr to work.
  21. Celebrate new additions: This library shows off their first bookmobile patron and more.
  22. Show off events: Show your community that your library holds fun events by putting their photos on Flickr.


Put these tools to work to make Flickr even more useful.

  1. Flickr Storm: Use this Flickr search engine to locate images with specific Creative Commons licenses.
  2. Flickr Favorites via RSS: With this tool, you can have your favorite Flickr users’ favorites sent to you by RSS.
  3. Flickr Machine Tags: This tool makes linking and tagging your photos much easier.
  4. Motivational Poster Maker: Create motivational posters for your library using this Flickr tool.
  5. TechSoup Technology Donations: Thanks to TechSoup, you can get a free Flickr Pro account for your library.
  6. Free Use Photos: This group is full of photos you can use for free and without restrictions in your library. You can also upload your own photos to share with the group.
  7. Flickr Backup: This application allows you to back up your precious Flickr photos and save them locally. This is also helpful if you’ve lost photos, but have them on Flickr.
  8. FlickrSlidr: Use the FlickrSlidr to embed Flickr slideshows on your library’s site or blog in a simple, easy way.
  9. MyFlickr: Put this application on your library’s Facebook profile, and you’ll be able to stream your Flickr photos.


For specific instructions on how you can use Flickr, visit these guides and tutorials.

  1. Let’s Play Tag: This article discusses best practices for tagging photos and more.
  2. Thirteen Tips for Effective Tagging: Follow these tips to make your images easy to find.
  3. Flickr pornography: Discuss how you handle filtering of pornography on Flickr in this forum.
  4. Social Tagging Workshop Session: Learn how you can put tags from Flickr and beyond to work in your library.
  5. Web 2.0 & Libraries: Best Practices for Social Software: Michael Stephens offers a guide to using social software, including Flickr, in libraries.
  6. Social Networking, Flickr, & MMOGs: You’ll find lots of information about using Flickr in this collection of podcasts and presentations for social libraries.
  7. 10 Reasons to Use Flickr at Your Library: Get inspiration for using Flickr from these excellent examples.
  8. 10 More Reasons to Use Flickr in Your Libraries: This post expands upon the previous one, offering even more ways to make use of Flickr in the library.
  9. Flickr + Libraries = Scary, Scary, Scary to Some Folks: This blogger explains why Flickr is anything but a scary tool, and how you can make the most out of it.
  10. University of Michigan: Flickr: The University of Michigan explains in great detail how to use, and what you can do with, Flickr.
  11. Flickr Learning and Sharing: In this guide, you’ll see how to use Flickr for marketing and building your library.
  12. Flickr for Academic Libraries: This post explains a few things about Flickr, and how you can use it in an academic library.
  13. Flickr for Library Teens: Find out how to best use Flickr for your library’s teenage demographic.
  14. 7 Things You Should Know About Flickr: This document explains how you can use Flickr as an educational resource.
  15. Flickr & Libraries: Read over this librarian’s notes on a discussion concerning library use of Flickr.
  16. Why should libraries be socially networking?: Here you’ll find out why using Flickr and other social tools is important for your library, and a few ways to use them.
  17. Patrons Participating in Library 2.0: Find out how you can get your library patrons involved in Flickr.
  18. Are Flickr Modules Good for Library Websites?: Joomla considers how libraries can improve upon Flickr module use…” 

 © Copyright 2008



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