Avoiding Emotionally “Unhealthy” Libraries…08.18.08

18 08 2008

LibGig post today “Picking a Good Apple: Avoiding an Unhealthy Workplace”[http://www.libgig.com/apple] emphasizes the paramount importance of choosing a healthy emotional atmosphere in the library workplace over a larger or more prestigious one:

“What makes an emotionally healthy library? Nancy Cunningham writes that is unaffected by the level of funding, technology, collections or perceived prestige. She goes on to state that ‘the most unhealthy libraries can be housed in fabulous facilities, contain prestigious collections, access cutting-edge technology and fund a well-paid and trained staff.’ None of that seems to matter though in the creation of a healthy library…

Michelle S. Millet writes that ‘Libraries are often filled with introverts and extroverts, competing personalities, shy individuals, and alpha personalities. What you really need to ask yourself when interviewing for a position is, ‘Can I fit in with these people and work with them’?…

While it may not be the case in many organizations, a library manager should have a strong background in practical library work and not only in business management. A lack of understanding on the part of a library director about the basic day-to-day reality of their staff members is bound to lead to discontent…”




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