Bleak Cataloging Future?…08.19.08

19 08 2008

Since I do a lot of cataloging, I found the following post on Planet Catalog [] interesting fodder:

“Experienced cataloger and cataloging teacher, Brigid Burke, shares her thoughts about the future of cataloging in The Grim Outlook for Cataloging. In this long and thoughtful post, she critiques the development of the new cataloging code, RDA, and questions the need to shift catalogers’ skill set to IT competencies.

So, the future of cataloging looks bleak and confusing. We have a new set of standards and tools being put in place that don’t seem very revolutionary, and yet the hype says they are. … If anyone wants career advancement, they will have to deal with administrators who will believe ALA’s tripe about competencies, and no one will hire you if you’re not a programmer/Web designer. Librarianship will not be about handling books any longer, even though libraries will continue to buy them.”



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