Information Professional Identities and Our Online Reputation by Stephen Abram online…08.20.08

20 08 2008

As usual a good read is available from Stephen Abram’s latest article in SLA’s Information Outlook: 

Information Professional Identities and Our Online Reputation 

Conclusion: “…We need to learn to address the challenging 21st century issues in this socially networked world – privacy, DRM, rights, legal issues, ownership, safety, etc. We need to understand the issues related to our photos – are they real, B&W, colour – professional, edgy, silly, embarrassing, whatever? Will we want them to turn up in other contexts? What about our private lives and photos? What about weird Uncle Bill?

Either way, it’s time to re-find our voice as professionals. Anonymity just isn’t working for us. Professionalism requires that we learn to how to present ourselves, promote ourselves and be where our market of users can discover us and be impressed that we are the sharks in the tank of the emerging information and knowledge economy. Our reputation will play out in the social web space as much as anywhere else. We need to get good at this.”




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