Additions to Personal Reading List…08.29.08

29 08 2008

The latest addition to my personal reading list is “You Can’t Catch Death: A Daughter’s Memoir” by Ianthe Brautigan.  In the 1970’s, I read everything published by Richard Brautigan.  My particular favorites were “A Confederate General at Big Sur,” “In Watermelon Sugar”, and “The Hawkline Monster.”  I think I liked “In Watermelon Sugar” the best–probably my age and frame of mind at the time.

“You Can’t Catch Death: A Daughter’s Memoir” by Brautigan’s daughter supposedly gives insight into the writer’s life before his suicide.   Fortunately, I was able to get a used copy “like new” through Amazon for a ridiculously low cost delivered.

A Daughter's Memoir


I have also added to my list the new title “Reinventing Knowledge: From Alexandria to the Internet” by Ian McNeely with Lisa Wolverton (described below).  Using a gift card I was given this week for Barnes & Nobel, I was able to order it online for only an additional $1.80!!

“…How do we know what we know? A new book takes a long view of knowledge, from ancient oral traditions to the rise of universities and the Internet…”

Cover Image




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