Survey Highlights Apparent Disconnect Between Academic Librarians and Faculty…08.29.08

29 08 2008

Albert Albanese reports today in Library Journal []  :

“..In a report measuring faculty the perceptions of libraries and their value on campus, there is a ‘growing ambivalence about the campus library’ in the digital age, according to researchers at Ithaka, an independent not-for-profit organization that aims ‘to accelerate the productive uses of information technologies for the benefit of higher education worldwide.’

Further, the survey, Ithaka’s 2006 Studies of Key Stakeholders in the Digital Transformation in Higher Education, reveals an emerging disconnect between librarians’ perceptions of their roles and the expectations and habits of the faculty they serve. ‘Although the importance of the library’s role as a gateway to faculty is decreasing, rather dramatically in certain fields,’ the report notes, ‘over 90 percent of librarians list this role as very important, and almost as many expect it to remain very important in five years. Obviously there is a mismatch in perception here.’…”




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