Lifehacker’s “Power User’s Guide to Google Chrome”…09.10.08

10 09 2008

Lifehacker has posted a very helpful “Power User’s Guide to Google Chrome”

Follow the link above for all the complete guide.  Here is a useful excerpt:

“Despite its marketing as a minimalistic browser that forgoes all the extras, Chrome’s interface actually sports quite a few useful features. Here are a few that will speed up your browsing with the mouse even more:

  • Click and hold (or right-click) the Back or Forward button to go directly to a page far behind or forward in your browsing history.
  • When you’ve got a URL on your clipboard, right-click Chrome’s address bar to Paste and goto your destination (and save yourself an extra tap on the Enter key).
  • Click and drag any textarea corner to resize it to your liking; great for blog comments, web email, or forums with textareas that aren’t big enough to accommodate your masterpiece.
  • Ctrl+Mousewheel to zoom in or out of pages in Chrome.
  • Drag and drop downloads out of Chrome’s status bar and onto your desktop to save them there, or into any Explorer window to save them there. (You already know you can drag and drop a Chrome tab out into a new window, or back into an existing Chrome window to dock it there.)

…Look Forward to What’s Coming

Word on the street is that Chrome is coming for Mac and Linux users, as are extensions—plus it’ll be in Google’s upcoming mobile phone operating system, Android. (Linux users, if you can’t want for Chrome and don’t want to build Chromium yourself, here’s how to run Google Chrome in Ubuntu with WINE.)




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