Finding DDC Numbers “Quick and Dirty”…09.25.08

25 09 2008

Badan Barman posted “Classify Your Document with DDC by Using the Web” [] describing one fast method of finding DDC classification numbers which is quoted below.  There are other quick methods as well some of which I describe in detail in our departmental documentation for library resources management.  Anyway, here is the post:

“Yes, forget about Web Dewey, now you can find the DDC numbers over the web by other means also. I don’t think any of our LIS professional is following this procedure. It’s really interesting… Here is a simple way
1. Go to:
2. Enter the title that is in your library and search.
3. Click on the most relevant title under the heading of “Books Matching (‘your enter title’)”.
4. Consult the ‘Dewey Class:’ or ‘LCC Number:’ under ‘Classification:’ Heading. This is your classification number you are looking for.
If you don’t find the Heading ‘Classification:’ or You find the Heading
‘Classification:’ but don’t find the ‘Dewey Class:’ or ‘LCC Number:’ then again
5. Click on any appropriate title under ‘Libraries this book has an entry in:’.
5. Now under the ‘MARC Record’ see against: 092: $a: or 082. This is your classification number you are looking for.”

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8 responses

9 04 2009
Iranna Shettar

John, Can you please explain other quick methods for find DDC Numbers..

Thanks in advance

Iranna Shettar, Mumbai, India

9 04 2009

Check WorldCat online
Check Library of Congress catalog online
If you have an ILS with Z39.50 protocol capability for searching and retrieving information from remote computer databases, check the catalogs of other libraries.

23 12 2009

I required Dewey Decimal Classification number of Migraine and Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) no of migraine. plz send me . thanks.

23 12 2009


22 02 2010

I want all Engineering branchs DDC Numbers

24 02 2010

General engineering 620 … Chemical Engineering 650

30 03 2010

sir,i want to know the DDC number of a book “ELECTRONIC INFORMATION SOURCES IN LIBRARIES”plz send me. thanks

30 03 2010

Try searching the title on WorldCat and you will get a DDC

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