SOPAC Integration through YourLibrarySite…11.04.08

4 11 2008

Here is a press release from YourLibrarySite about their latest offering–of interest to those ILS users who want SOPAC functionality:

YourLibrarySite(TM) Now Offers SOPAC Integration.

The library website development team at (a website development initiative offered by CraftySpace, LLC) is currently integrating Social OPAC functionality with the Palos Verdes Library District’s website ( YourLibrarySite is using John Blyberg’s SOPAC2 Drupal module to integrate PVLD’s ILS with their website. This integration empowers library patrons to review, tag and rate biblio records without leaving PVLD’s website, and to view the content created by other patrons.

An innovative further step allows libraries to optionally share their patron input with other libraries, thereby creating a richer environment for all involved. This sharing also allows newly created SOPAC communities to “prime the pump” by displaying patron-created content from already established SOPAC communities.

About YourLibrarySite and SOPAC2:

Last year at the Internet Librarian 2007 conference, Joseph Muennich (one of the partners from YourLibrarySite) met with John and began discussing how best to enable social integration of an ILS within a library’s website. (If you aren’t already familiar with John, you may want to check out his blog at This year, John invited CraftySpace, and a small group of other library-focused developers, to a technology summit sponsored by the Darien Public Library ( Participants learned about SOPAC2, and what it adds to the open source library community. CraftySpace is using this information upgrade the to a Drupal 6 site with SOPAC2 integration.

YourLibrarySite will be offering SOPAC2 trainings on the West Coast in the near future. For information, contact or visit .

For a detailed explanation of SOPAC, see  and




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