Social Networking Visualized…12.19.08

19 12 2008

Here is an interesting excerpt from a post (by the way–I really like pictures, diagrams, etc.) by Erik J. Heels entitled “Drawing That Explains Social Networking” []:

“I wanted to be able to explain to those new to social networking how all of the pieces fit together. Plus with feeds being shared back and forth, I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t creating any feed loops or leaving out any pieces. I use LinkedIn for business networking (my resume and the like), I useFacebook for friends and family, and I am passive on Plaxo (i.e. I accept invitations to connect but do not solicit new connections). Here’s my drawing that explains social networking:

I’ve drawn the major inputs at the edge of the social networking cloud. In my view of the blogging world, there are four main inputs:





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