In 2009–Will Amazon Develop a Kindle Social Community?…01.16.09

16 01 2009

From the post 2009 Prediction I: Webcam for Kindle? :

“…I strongly believe that Amazon will need to develop a social community around the Kindle to get the Kindle users involved. Think about it. A community that would allow you to share knowledge with other Kindle users and even share your very own content (Scribd comes to mind here). But I am thinking a bit bigger here. What if you could put your thoughts in video without having to carry a video camera? How about being able to record book reviews in video on your Kindle? YouTube is nice but there is a lot of noise there. Having a web-cam on the Kindle could help here. But I am not so sure Amazon will be adding it in the future. In truth, you can use one of those portable web-cams and attach it to your Kindle. It’s not going to be as convenient as having a built-in web-cam but it works. And let’s not forget that folks feel uneasy about any feature that would increase the price of the second generation Kindle. One can still dream though…”

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