Kindle Related Revenue for Amazon Could Reach $1.2 billion by 2010…02.03.09

3 02 2009  reported today in its Citi Maintains a ‘Hold’ on post:

Citi analyst says, ‘Amazon has scheduled a press conference in NYC, and we believe it very likely that the company will roll out V2 of its highly popular eReader…We Believe Kindle-Related Revenue Could Reach $1.2B+ By 2010 — This would amount to over 4% of AMZN’s revenue that year – impressive given the size of AMZN’s revenue base. Just as important, Kindle’s success highlights the very significant and consistent innovation focus that Amazon has maintained over the past five years and helps hedge the company against the digitization of media products…We view AMZN as a core Internet franchise (great mgmt, deepening competitive moats, big growth opportunities – incl. Kindle, and good business model)…”




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