Mobile QR Codes and Library Uses…02.18.09

18 02 2009


This is food for thought from a recent post on the University of Leicester Library blog discussing the potential uses of QR Code for libraries entitled QR Codes Talk :

“… The main advantage to QR codes is that on mobile devices they get over the need to type URLs.  QR codes  not only link to websites, but also can be used to send prewritten SMS to phones, transfer phone numbers, and provide further text.  They are designed to cope with a high level of error, hence are suitable for outdoor use.

…where might they actually be of benefit in the real world now?  Here are the main ideas that stood out to me in a library context:

  • Special collections:  to a podcast/vodcast, further information, interactive task or questionnaire. 
  • Library Induction: a treasure trail of where to find resources.  An audio tour. 
  • Departmental slide collections: instructions or support materials.
  • Ejournals: from the physical location of a journal a link to the electronic version. 
  • QR code linking to availability of wireless networks around the campus.
  • Training sesssions: could link to feedback or interactive elements (not unlike voting software).
  • Peer support: relating to information literacy training or general teaching across the University.  Students can create a QR code on the fly that links them to their support /discussion group. 
  • …Alan Cann emphasised that the task the QR codes takes you to should be viable and usable on a mobile.   Also there are issues around the potential for phishing. When a QR code is in a physical location out in the world, what is to stop someone sticking their own QR code on top that takes you to a fake site?…”


    Here are further comments on library uses of QR Codes from the Civil Librarian yesterday:

    “…I’ve been thinking a lot about how we might make good and creative use of this technology in our libraries. One idea that seems to hold a lot of promise is using the QR code to link to videos for users to watch on their phones.

    One such application might be related to library instruction. Say, for example, I wanted to put together a 30 second video about how to place a hold on library materials using our catalog. I could post that video to YouTube, create a QR code from the permalink, and include the printed code on a bookmark along with codes for several other ‘how to’-type videos. The user then has hand-held audio instruction about how to do any number of tasks that many of our users tend to find difficult… 

    Or how about posting a QR code next to your library building’s dedication plaque? It could link to a video that provides some historical information about the building or even a Flickr slideshow of historical photos of the building!…”

    UPDATE: Libraries or Librarians: Create Your Own QR Codes FAST & EASY!  

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    19 02 2009

    One major use is Location based QR Codes. We call it DokoDare (WhereWho) and you can get an idea by scanning any of these QR Codes here:

    Let me know if you want me to set up some places so you can test it out.

    Best regards

    19 02 2009

    I believe QR codes will be a heavy marketing tool for our future. I been playing around with them for months now and would love for them to hit main stream in the U.S I use to generate my codes because I can save them in a PDF file from that site, helps me when I want to print posters!


    1 03 2009

    There are some great ideas here for useful QR applications. I haven’t tried anything out yet at my library but am looking forward to doing so.

    20 03 2009
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