Master’s Degree in Social Media…03.30.09

30 03 2009


Mashable! today has a posting titled University Offers a Master’s Degree in Social Media whose highlights are excerpted here:

“…Birmingham City University…as of next year, it’ll offer a course in social media, encompassing social networking sites as communications and marketing tools.

The one year course will earn you a master’s degree at the cost of 4,400 pounds (6,239 dollars). ‘During the course we will consider what people can do on Facebook and Twitter, and how they can be used for communication and marketing purposes,’ says the course convener Jon Hickman, adding that ‘There has been significant interest in the course already, and it will definitely appeal to students looking to go into professions including journalism and PR.’

Of course, there’s the question of how deep such a course should go; some students have already described the course as too basic…”

NOTE: The University of Michigan’s School of Information started a specialization track in Social Computing in the Master of Science in Information (MSI) program in 2007.




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