Starting Participatory Librarianship Conversations…04.16.09

16 04 2009

Watch Virtual Dave Lankes‘ good video presentation Conversing About Conversations about beginning conversations about participatory librarianship in advance of Conversants Online Conference/Coversation.


“…Announcing ‘Conversants :-) A Participatory Conversation,’ a new idea in professional development for challenging economic times.

We invite you to join the movement to create and share information through worldwide coordinated conversations. Library communities and organizations are uniquely poised to employ the latest collaborative resources; the conversations that result from these collaborations hold great promise for students and practitioners across the information professions. Sharing knowledge and expertise via these collaborative conversations as part of a united effort is both beneficial and necessary, so we invite you lend your voice and join us in this unique event. Become a Conversant!

This effort is spearheaded by R. David Lankes with support from the Information Institute at Syracuse University, librarians and library students.

Theme: Participatory Librarianship

Save the date: Session Proposals are Due April 16th and Ongoing Virtual Sessions will begin April 30th, 2009. A Hybrid Event will take place at ALA in Chicago…”




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