Social Media in 2009…04.17.09

17 04 2009


Here is an excerpt from a Mashable! post today titled The Web in Numbers: The Rise of Social Media with some very interesting figures:

2009 is the year of social media. Once, TwitterTwitter reviews was a place where you could read about someone else’s cat. Now, it’s the first place you go to when there’s breaking news. Sites likeDiggDigg reviews, and FacebookFacebook reviews can now leave a huge impact on the real world; lives are changed, important questions are asked (and answered) there. Many milestones have been reached; the growth of nearly every aspect of social media has and continues to be enormous…

In March, YouTubeYouTube reviews reached 100 million monthly viewers in the US. 6.3 billion videos were viewed on the site. Its competitor, HuluHulu reviews, is also growing fast, but not nearly as fast as YouTube. In March alone, YouTube has grown almost two Hulus in size. According to some calculations, YouTube will serve 75 billion video streams to 375 million unique visitors in 2009

Finally, here’s another sign of the times: Nielsen Online’s latest research shows that social networking is now more popular than email. According to their study, 66.8% of Internet users have used social networks, while only 65.1% have used email…

Twitter itself is growing at a crazy rate; although it already has a very large audience, it grew 76.8 percent just from February to March. Its yearly growth rate? 1,382 percent. According to Nielsen, Twitter currently has 7 million unique monthly visitors. If it keeps growing at this rate, it’ll have nearly 100 million visitors same time next year…”




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