Thoughts on an Emerging “Web 3.0″…05.29.09

29 05 2009


I thought Allan Cho‘s thoughts on the emerging “Web 3.0” insightful and worth pondering further:

“In the Journal of Social Computing, Peter Sweeney argues that whatever we call Web 3.0, it is going to be a the automation of tasks which displaces human work. Our information economy is ultimately in the midst of an Industrial Revolution. He makes another excellent point:

Billions are being spent worldwide on semantic technologies to create the factories and specialized machinery for manufacturing content. Railways of linked data and standards are being laid to allow these factories to trade and co-operate. And the most productive information services in the world are those that leverage Web 3.0 industrial processes and technologies. Web 3.0 is a controversial term, as it confuses those who are just only beginning to feel comfortable with the concept Web 2.0 and those who are embracing the Semantic Web. Web 3.0 disrupts these traditional, safe thoughts. It not only blurs the terminology, it also offers business advocates an opportunity to cash in.

But I see Sweeney’s arguments as a multidimensional argument that transcends nickels and dimes. He makes an excellent point when he argues that many dismiss Web 3.0 as a fad; however, when we think of the Web as a manufacturing process, that is a disruptive technology — very much like the Industrial Revolution — then we can begin to understand what Web 3.0 represents.”


FREE Webinar – “Technology Stewardship @ Your Library”…05/29/09

29 05 2009


This is WebJunction‘s description of the FREE June 10 webinar with Nancy White:

Mark your calendar on June 10 for this free WebJunction webinar with Nancy White, co-author of the forthcoming book Digital Habitats: Stewarding Technology for Communities (with Etienne Wenger and John E. Smith). Nancy is recognized internationally for her research exploring online communities today, and in her work as a technology steward, designer and builder of online interaction spaces.

In this webinar, Nancy will focus on librarians as community technology stewards. She will offer practical steps for you to begin to understand your community, assess the technology needs of your community, and how to select, configure, and support the online technologies your community uses. Here’s a sample of her well-stockedslideshare account to give you a taste of her passion and commitment to building relevant online communities. The definition of ”technology steward” (slide 9 & 10 ) sounds so much like our work in libraries, that I’m sure there are many of us in libraryland who are eager to change our job titles!…”

Register now for the webinar »

More Video on Google “Wave”…05.29.09

29 05 2009

Social Media Challenges – “Doing Social Media Right in 2009″…05.29.09

29 05 2009

“Friending Libraries: Why libraries can become nodes in people’s social networks”…05.29.09

29 05 2009

“Lee discussed Pew Internet’s latest findings and why they suggest that libraries can play a role in people’s social networks in the future. He described the reasons that people rely more and more on their social networks as they share ideas, learn, solve problems, and seek social support. And he explored how libraries can act as ‘nodes’ in people’s networks.”

NEW ONLINE Library Conference for ALL Librarians – OPALESCENCE…05.28.09

28 05 2009


NO FEES – NO DUES – NO TRAVEL —- Just Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OPAL (Online Programming for All Libraries) is planning something special:

Thursday, August 13, 2009 beginning at noon Eastern Time, 11:00 a.m. Central, 10:00 a.m. Mountain, 9:00 a.m. Pacific, and 4:00 p.m. GMT:

    OPALESCENCE: A Free Online Conference for All LibrariansHas your travel budget dried up? Still want that conference experience of fresh ideas, lively conversations, and networking with colleagues? Participate in OPALESCENCE, a free online conference for all librarians and fellow travelers. We’re planning a series of interesting and informative presentations and discussions spread over a two-day period. Watch this space for more announcements.

    Host: TAP Information Services Schedule of Events:OPALESCENCE Conference Schedule (coming soon)

Mundane But Crucial Phone Job Interview Tips to Remember…05.28.09

28 05 2009


Here is a great excerpt from Phone Interview Tips for those searching/interviewing for a position from emurse:


Know your comfort zone. Some people perform best in a quiet room, while others prefer to pace around. If sitting still is your style, a room free of distractions is best. If you are the type of person that likes to walk-and-talk, consider determining a predefined route. This will help ensure that there are no outside noises or unexpected distractions like sirens. Make sure it is a leisurely walk so you can maintain calm breathing patterns.

Smile. Negativity or a uneasy attitude can easily show itself over a phone call. Before the interview, consider spending a few minutes listening to your favorite song or watching a funny video on YouTube. Make sure you are in a good mood.

Disable call waiting. If for some reason you are not able to disable call waiting, absolutely ignore it if someone calls.

Enforce a dress code. Believe it or not, properly dressing in at least a business casual attire will make a big difference in your ability to focus on the interview. Wearing the right clothes and taking a serious approach to the call will help you maintain a professional attitude regardless of your surroundings.

If you are taking the call on a cell phone, make sure there is no wind in your vicinity. Wind noise will prevent you from hearing the questions and make it harder for them to hear your answers.

No chewing gum, cigarettes, food or other things that may interfere with your vocal chords during the interview.

Listen. Without the visual communication of an in-person interview, it can be tough to know when to stop talking. If your nerves are high and your blood is flowing, you can easily make the mistake of saying too much. Make sure to speak slowly and articulately. When you have answered the question, allow for that possibly uncomfortable moment of silence. This will let the interviewer know that you are through, and then they will proceed. Listen and wait for them to finish with their next question, and then proceed. Consider taking notes on the key aspects of each question.

Stand up. Stretching out your torso will allow you to have the full strength of your lungs. You will be able to speak more clearly and powerfully.

Practice makes perfect. As with all interviews, practicing before hand helps you prepare forcommon interview questions. Remember to ‘play in practice as you will in the game.’ It will make a huge difference.

If you wear earrings, remove them before the call. Many people tend to adjust the phone’s headset during a call. Chances are that the earrings will rub up against the mic creating an awkward, distracting noise for everyone on the call.

No speaker phone.

Make sure to ask for your interviewers name. Follow up with a thank you note…”