Warning to Libraries With Facebook Pages…05.21.09

21 05 2009


The Librarian By Day has an especially important post today titled Libraries Think Twice about a Facebook Page:

Facebook ties a page to the account of the person who originally created it and I quote

however the original creator of the Page may never be removed by other Page admins.

Why does this matter?  Because if the original creator leaves the organization for any reason, there is no way to remove them.  (You could try to contact Facebook, but if you’ve ever done that you know how that works.)  Do you really want someone who no longer works for you to have control over your page?  What if they were fired, or quit in a huff?  I know, in an ideal world no one would ever leave and we’d all live happily everafter, but it does happen sometimes.

Groups on the other hand at least allow the creator to promote other admins and remove themselves.  No need to contact Facebook…”

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