Librarian’s First ALA Annual Conference Impressions…07.16.09

16 07 2009

The Librarian By Day has given a concise overview or “wrap-up” of her experience at her first annual ALA conference which is worth a read (points bolder are mine):

“…Expect to see at least some of these as full blog posts when I’ve got my thoughts in line.

  • You may not have signed up for this job but it’s the job you have deal with it
  • Admins and managers let your staff go, the worse that could happen is that you have a failed project you learn something from
  • These technologies are not a magic wand, you shouldn’t just have a blog to have a blog, you need to do what your community needs, have a plan a strategy, don’t just jump in without knowing where you’re going
  • How long have we had computers? Why do you still have staff who are intimidated by computers, why did you hire them? Why are they still working there?
  • We don’t have any problem doing what we’ve always done, but if we don’t do anything more than we’ve always done we’re going to be in trouble
  • Patience is hard to come by for innovators, we see something and want it now, and have made the change before others even see it coming
  • Get comfortable with ambiguity
  • Push power down org chart wherever and whenever possible
  • Don’t try to do too much or some of your projects will rust while pursuing others
  • Not everyone knows who Darien Library is or what they are doing, look outside your bubble
  • Library 2.0 never promised anything…”
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