Social Media Specialist & Author Chris Brogan’s Experience & Appreciation of Libraries…08.31.09

31 08 2009

Bloggers like it when authors leave comments on blogs, particularly librarian bloggers, of course.  After mentioning his great new book, Chris Brogan, author of the new book Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust, was kind enough to leave the following comments for the Lone Wolf Librarian:

Did you know that my first job was at a library page? I used to shelve books in North Andover, MA. I’ve grown up in libraries since I was about 7. I still remember when I got my ‘big boy’ card in Augusta, Maine. I can still navigate my way around the Dewey pretty nicely. I couldn’t figure out the systems in college to save myself.

Just funny facts about me. : )”



Library Resources in Medellín, Colombia…08.31.09

31 08 2009


Thanks to the Bi-Lingual Librarian for pointing out the work of libraries in Medellín, Colombia which is excerpted from her post here:

“The Red de Bibliotecas will provide you with all the information you may need about the network of libraries in the Medellín area…

Under ‘Bibliotecas‘ you’ll find basic contact information and location to the participating libraries. The link for ‘Bibliotecólogos‘ provides a space for library professionals to share resources, tips, and other relevant information. They also have a brand new blog that serves the same purpose of sharing resources. “Cinéfilos” gather information about movies being screed around the city, either at libraries or as part of film festivals. There are also links for cultural events, and multimedia projects. These multimedia projects are really good, and most tell stories about the region. ‘Pinacoteca’ share art created by Colombian artists.

Alongside the top of the page you can find links to the region’s shared OPAC, their Virtual Library which offers access to online encyclopedias, journals, and links to many other digital initiatives around the country and throughout the Spanish speaking world…”

“Six Books About Twitter” by Social Media Expert Chris Brogan…08.31.09

31 08 2009

CloudProfile – Social Optimization For Small Organizations – What’s It All About?…08.31.09

31 08 2009

Read more about CloudProfile on Mashable! in their posting CloudProfile: Social Media Optimization for Small Business and watch this video:

Yet MORE Twitter Problems…08.31.09

31 08 2009

This afternoon’s message after lunch from Twitter:

Twitter is over capacity.

Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again.


“Trends, Transformations, and Change in Libraries”…08.31.09

31 08 2009

Here is a good new presentation from David Lee King:

New Color-Coded Wikipedia…08.31.09

31 08 2009


Several places, including Wired, report of changes in Wikipedia. This is an excerpt from Wired’s Wikipedia to Color Code Untrustworthy Text:

Starting this fall, you’ll have a new reason to trust the information you find on Wikipedia: An optional feature called ‘Wiki Tust’ will color code every word of the encyclopedia based on the reliability of its author and the length of time it has persisted on the page…”