A New Kind of Mobile Search…08.07.09

7 08 2009


Here is an excerpt from an interesting Search Engine Watch post Surrounded By Search Engines: A New Kind of Mobile Search:

“…The mobile world will be a different story, mostly due to interfaces that are much more limited. Smaller screens and keypads will force mobile product developers to get clever with how we communicate with the device — including how we search.

This has recently involved accelerometers, cameras, and touch screens which form the basis for search interfaces that don’t involve typing (or tapping). These include UrbanSpoon, bar code scanners such as ShopSavvy, and music discovery engines such asShazam.

Mobile Search Raises Its Voice

Mobile products from Vlingo, Tellme, and Google have similarly taken advantage of the phone’s internal microphone to build voice search interfaces that find and call local businesses.

Voice search could have a bright future in mobile, and even evolve beyond the phone itself. For example, an area known as speech controlled Internet devices (SCIDs) transforms the myriad electronics that surround into their own little search engines.

Sensory Inc. is working on this proposition. It’s spent the past 15 years embedded speech recognition chips in about 60 million products — everything from in-car voice command systems to Bluetooth headsets, to voice controlled toys.

Nothing new here, but we could soon see all of these devices connected to wireless networks. Competition among wireless carriers is quickly driving wireless broadband (4G) rollouts, which will bring us more connected devices — 15 billion by 2015, according to Intel.

This includes everything from coffeemakers to teddy bears — items that don’t fit our typical view of Internet connected devices. In other words, they don’t come with keyboards or screens, making voice a logical input mechanism…”

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7 08 2009

i like this information about a new kind of mobile search this is earning time very important information i like this very much

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