Bad Leaders Stifle Dissent…08.11.09

11 08 2009

Here is part of a great post from Ed Batista titled Bad Leader! Stifling Dissent which is worth reviewing for library leaders or potential leaders:

“…Today Bret [Simmons] has a great post on how bad leaders stifle dissent:

1) Your people never see you say no.  You never disagree or challenge the people you work for, so your people never learn from you how to do this with purpose.  You send the very clear message that “no” is not acceptable around here.

2) People that have told you no are gone.  You have systematically removed from your inner circle everyone that disagreed or challenged your policies and decisions.  But that’s ok, because everyone knows they were not team players, or were disloyal or disrespectful.  This is the rhetoric of conformity and exclusion.

I’d add a third behavior to this list: Failing to accept differences of opinion and pushing beyond a reasonable point to obtain uniform public agreement.  Your people don’t feel free to voice disagreement because you hound them until they change their mind (or at least that’s what they appear to be doing.)…”




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