Kindle vs Nook eReader Review…11.25.09

25 11 2009

Here is an excerpt from a worthwhile review of the top contenders in eReaders from Nook Vs Kindel Review – Nook Vs Kindle with PDF:

“It’s time for a detailed Nook Vs Kindle review. Amazon added PDF support to the Kindle, increased its battery life by 75%, and added landscape mode – Did they just win the Nook Vs Kindle comparison?

Please keep in mind that no one has actually used a Nook – every nook review and every nook vs kindle comparison is a preview

My Kindle Vs Nook Review was a tie and it stayed a tie even when Amazon added Kindle for PC and cut the price to $259.

Will Kindle PDF support tilt Nook Vs Kindle in Amazon’s favor?

Let’s take a look. First we’ll look at areas where each eReader wins and assign points, and then we’ll look at the results…”




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