A Librarian’s 2010 New Years Resolutions…12.31.09

31 12 2009

Excerpted from A Librarian’s New Year’s Resolutions:

“…I resolve to make each and every patron who walks in the door feel welcome – even the guy who alarms patrons by doing back exercises on the floor of the mens’ room.

I resolve to give each and every patron who approaches me with a question my undivided attention, even when it is the 50th time I am asked for their library card number.

I resolve to answer each and every question fully and with value added i.e. I will go the extra mile. If a patron comes up to the desk with cookbooks to check out, I might say, “You might be interested in our Foodie Book Group.”

I resolve to continue to provide programming our community wants and needs. I can’t tell you how proud we are that since we began offering free citizenship classes in October, three students have become U.S. citizens.

I resolve to handle all building issues such as toilet plunging and the like with good humor.

I resolve to read more (and yes, librarians like to read but we don’t do it at work).

I resolve to support my staff in the work they do and to encourage innovation and creativity.

I resolve to share the enthusiasm I feel about the nobility of a librarian’s work and the important role the library plays in the community.

I resolve to make 2010 the best it can be for myself and for those I serve…”


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