Engaging Senior Library Leadership in Web Strategy…01.31.10

31 01 2010

This is a good presentation that highlights an area of web strategy that is often overlooked to an organization’s detriment.


National Library of Medicine Receives Grant to Digitize Medical Heritage…01.31.10

31 01 2010

News from the National Library of Medicine:

“The National Library of Medicine (NLM), the world’s largest medical library and an arm of the National Institutes of Health, has been named a partner in a multi-centered grant to digitize materials in the history of medicine.

As one of five libraries participating in the digital Medical Heritage Project, NLM will receive $360,000 over the next two months to digitize items from its historical medical collections. The initiative is funded by a $1.5 million award to the Open Knowledge Commons, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a universal digital library for democratic access to information, from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Approximately 30,000 volumes of public domain works will be digitized from the collections of some of the world’s leading medical libraries: NLM, the Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, the Harvey Cushing/John Hay Whitney Medical Library at Yale University, the Augustus C. Long Health Sciences Library at Columbia University and the New York Public Library.

NLM will contribute digital versions of thousands of medical materials, including publications dating back to the 17th century…”

Recommended Reading This Weekend…01.30.10

30 01 2010

The Union victory at the battle for and siege of Vicksburg was a major turning point in the U.S. Civil War.  I decided to read this work by best-selling author Winston Groom after recently reading The State of Jones which gives a great background on Mississippi and the South before, during and after the “War Between the States” as some refer to this great tragedy in American history.  My curiosity about Vicksburg (old courthouse on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River above still remains) was piqued initially during a visit to the Vicksburg National Military Park a few years ago.  The park has reconstructed the remains of the ironclad Cairo.

Simple But Good Idea for Libraries…01.30.10

30 01 2010

The North Texas Regional Library System blog highlighted a simple but good idea used at the Arlington Public Library:

Arlington Public Library has a great idea – a neon ‘OPEN’ sign in the front window. In a time when hours have been cut and it is difficult to remember when libraries are open, a neon sign lets your users know just be driving by if the library is open. It is a great customer service function…”

Library Pioneers ‘Data Visualisation’ For Service Improvement…01.29.10

29 01 2010

Here is an interesting excerpt from vizLib pioneers data visualisation of library users:

“Mapping of library use in Leicestershire – as part of the 5-month vizLib project – could lead to a revolution in library service improvement. The vizLib project crunched through 2.5m Talis records to turn them into maps that can be morphed and animated. This has opened up new dimensions on user data, that don’t emerge from the numbers alone (though the short time-scale, and limited funding, mean that potential impacts on policy are not fully clear)…

vizLib has given us an unprecedented understanding of the way in which the people of Leicestershire use our library services,’ says Robert.

‘In a time when many public sector offerings are facing cut backs, research such as this is vital in ensuring that policy and funding support what citizens want, and that the standards of our provision remain high.’…”

NOTE: Leicestershire is holding a workshop on its libraries data visualisation project on 3 March at Loughborough University. For more information email: robert.radburn@leics.gov.uk

Folksonomies: In General and in Libraries…01.29.10

29 01 2010

There is also a good article from ZD which included the following useful chart:

Social Media Tool Kit for Librarians and Others…01.29.10

29 01 2010

Inc. Magazine has posted online their Social Media Tool Kit