Next Generation E-Ink…04.29.10

29 04 2010

Italian Government Deal with Google to Digitize 2 National Libraries…04.29.10

29 04 2010

Excerpted from the BBC:

“The Italian government has signed a deal with Google to put the contents of two national libraries on the internet.

Up to one million antiquarian books – including works by Dante, Machiavelli and Galileo – will be scanned and made available free on Google Books.

There is no copyright issue as all the works were published before 1868.

The Italian authorities welcomed the scheme as budget pressures have cut the amount that can be spent on preserving the collections in Rome and Florence….”

They’ve Got Google so Why Do They Need a Librarian?…04.29.10

29 04 2010

Seeing the Art in Cartography…04.28.10

28 04 2010

Check out the BBC’s The Beauty of Maps

Digital Literacy Across The Curriculum Handbook…04.28.10

28 04 2010

Digital Literacy Across The Curriculum Handbook

Stephen Wolfram: Computing a theory of everything…04.28.10

28 04 2010

Every painting in the MoMA on April 10, 2010…04.28.10

28 04 2010

Thanks to the Centered Librarian


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