Push Up Press – Blowing Up the eBook….04.28.11

28 04 2011

“…Push Pop Press will be a publishing platform for authors, publishers and artists to turn their books into interactive iPad or iPhone apps — no programming skills required….”



Learning Revolution…04.28.11

28 04 2011

Does Open Source Own the Web?…04.27.11

27 04 2011

The Role of Natural Language Processing in Information Retrieval…04.27.11

27 04 2011

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27 04 2011

U.S. Soldiers – There’s an App for That…04.27.11

27 04 2011

From Wired’s Inside the Army’s App Store for War:

“If all of the bureaucratic and security hurdles can be overcome, the Army will soon launch its version of an app store, where soldiers can download Army-relevant software to their work computers and — with a little luck — mobile phones. This is what its homepage will look like.

Called Army Marketplace, it’ll start off featuring the few dozen applications that soldiers created last year during the Apps for the Army contest. Those early efforts ran the gamut from workout guides to digitized manuals for standard Army tasks. So far, there are 17 apps for Android phones and another 16 for iPhones.

But the Army Marketplace will do more than sell existing apps. It’ll help generate ideas for new ones…”

How Do You Refer to Your Library Databases…04.26.11

26 04 2011