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29 06 2011

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29 06 2011

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Most Common Librarian Questions About eBooks Answered…06.29.11

29 06 2011

There is a good post today from the Librarian by Day  blog entitled  eBook FAQs. 36 Most Common Questions Answered by the OITP eBook Task Force

Here is the list of questions answered:

1.  What are e-books?

2. How many libraries provide e-books?

3. Why do libraries offer e-books?

4. What advantages do e-books offer over traditional print books?

5. What are the disadvantages of e-books?

6. How do libraries acquire e-book service?

8. Do libraries loan e-book readers?

9. Which e-book reader is best?

10. How are libraries responding to patrons’ questions regarding e-book readers?

11. What would libraries offering e-books like to see happen in the future?

12. Where do libraries acquire e-books?

13.  What privacy issues are there related to e-books?

14.  How long will they be allowed to be on your shelf without re-buying?

15. Can you use bookmarks?

16. Is the cover image available?

17.  What is the difference between Overdrive and vendors like Follett?

18.  I am interested in know about length of time these e-books can be downloaded and do they just disappear after so many days?

19. How many licenses are required if you have 6 to 10 people reading the same book at he same time? This has always stumped me. Once a library has purchased a license, must the library purchase more than one to allow access by its users?

20.  Is there another major vendor, like Overdrive we should be looking at for an expanded source of e-books?

21.  Are there vendors for Spanish language or other language e-books?

22.  How burdensome are the technical support questions posed by library patrons?

23.  Why isn’t this book available as an e-book?

24.  Does the library own the e-books we purchase?

25.  What format should we get?

26.  Is there an industry standard for e-books?

27.  What is DRM?

28. How does DRM work?

29.  Can all e-books be loaded onto a device, or does it depend on the vendor and the device?

30. Why can’t I open my new e-book on my device/computer?

31.  Can I convert one e-book format into another that I can read?

32. What publishers will not sell e-books to libraries? (It would be helpful if the answer included the subsidiaries as well as the main publisher name.)

33. What publisher will only sell e-books to libraries for a limited number of checkouts? It would be helpful if this included subsidiaries as well.

34. How can I interlibrary loan an e-book?

35. One of the issues creates a dilemma for me at work. One of our missions is to serve the public libraries around the state. The big, urban centers are doing fine, but some of the small rural libraries are way behind…

36. What are the advantages and disadvantages of e-books for people with disabilities?

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From TechCrunch:











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