Libraries & the Post-PC Era…02.29.12

29 02 2012

New from IFLA: “Key Issues for e-Resource Collection Development: A Guide for Libraries”…02.29.12

29 02 2012

From Key Issues for e-Resource Collection Development: A Guide for Libraries:

“Electronic resources represent an increasingly important component of the collection building activities of libraries. “Electronic resources” refer to those materials that require computer access, whether through a personal computer, mainframe, or handheld mobile device. They may either be accessed remotely via the Internet or locally. Some of the most frequently encountered types are:

• E-journals

• E-books

• Full-text (aggregated) databases

• Indexing and abstracting databases

• Reference databases (biographies, dictionaries, directories, encyclopaedias, etc.)

• Numeric and statistical databases

• E-images

• E-audio/visual resources

This Guide focuses exclusively on electronic resources whether acquired via purchase or license, free from the web, born digital or multiple format materials (e.g., CD-ROM combined with a book). Electronic resources present a number of challenges not encountered with the selection and acquisition of traditional analog materials and it is advisable for the library to develop clear policies and processes for the selection and management of such resources. This will provide clarity to staff and ensure that electronic resources within the library are developed with due consideration of cost, technical feasibility, licensing, access and preservation requirements, and constraints…”

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29 02 2012

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29 02 2012

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