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29 11 2012

A soon to be launched content web portal about all aspects of Outdoor Sports is still seekina talented developer to help lead our efforts in the architecture, design, and development of a web site in conjunction with a mass digitization project creating a very large digital content library.

We’re using the latest Microsoft technologies including MVC3, Entity Framework 4, and SQLServer 2008 R2.

Our team uses test-driven development and agile methodologies in a fast-paced, best-practices environment.

We are seeking a developer with experience in the latest Microsoft technologies.

Your skills should include:

More than 2 years experience in web development

Solid knowledge of CSS, Javascript, and jQuery

Solid understanding of the software development process including source control (Team System/TFS)

Strong analytic skills

If interested and qualified, please send resume a.s.a.p. to:

Contact HR: Deborah at [Fort Worth, TX

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