Social Media News and “Information Bubbles” Social-media news consumers at higher risk of ‘information bubbles’

17 12 2015


Each circle is proportional to the number of clicks to a website from a single user (a, b) or a group of users (b, d) referred by search engines (a, c) vs. social media (b, d). Social media concentrate clicks to fewer sources, as shown by the larger circles. (credit: Dimitar Nikolov)

From Social-media news consumers at higher risk of ‘information bubbles’:

Do you find your news and information from social media instead of search engines? If so, you are at risk of becoming trapped in a “collective social bubble.”

That’s according to Indiana University researchers in a study, “Measuring online social bubbles,” recently published in the new open-access online journal PeerJ Computer Science, based on an analysis of more than 100 million Web clicks and 1.3 billion public posts on social media*.

“These findings provide the first large-scale empirical comparison between the diversity of information sources reached through different types of online activity,” said Dimitar Nikolov, a doctoral student in the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University (IU), lead author of the study…





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