Digital Nineteenth-Century Serials for the Twenty-First Century

23 01 2016


1:21 Genealogies of Digitizing Periodicals
3:28 Rarified, Pure, and Messy Forms 
4:19 Nineteenth-Century Serials Edition (ncse): Learning by Digitizing
8:10 The Incomplete Print Archive
9:25 Digital Reconstruction
10:26 Remediation and Recirculation
14:36 Behind Paywalls 
18:46 Intended Users and Digital Tools 
20:11 Digital Tools, Bibiliographical Histories 
21:56 The Rise of Media Studies
23:56 Archive vs Edition Model
25:59 Literacy Skills
30:22 Print and Material Culture
31:21 The Digital as a Material Object 
33:52 Bibliographic Awareness: The Invisibility of the Digital 
35:34 The British Library: a ‘Museum of Print’ 
38:32 Born Digital: 19 
40:26 Digital Presentism – Journal Archives
41:11 Infinite Merging 
41:46 The Project of the Magazine
43:01 Open Access 
43:59 Interdisciplinarity 
45:35 Periodical Space and Time in the Digital Sphere 
47:45 The Legacy of Print
48:48 Digital Openings: Videos, Podcasts, Blogspace Interactivity 
52:43 Journals in the Digital Media Ecology 
53:50 The Research Excellence Framework (REF) & Peer Reviewing 
57:07 Editorial Challenges and Modern Scholarship 
58:51 Cultivating a Digital Community 
1:02:58 Funding Models 
1:05:11 Resplendent Advertising
1:07:31 Institutional Endowment
1:13:31 Evolving with Technology
1:14:40 Credits




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