For over 20 years, I worked full-time — mostly in senior executive management — for a Christian, international 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization headquartered in my home state of Michigan.  Between career changes, I also successfully managed a mid-sized book store in Florida for a 300+ store chain and was the Executive Vice President of an independent Christian film studio in Ontario, Canada. In 2006, I began my first, full-time professional librarian position as a special librarian (“librarian/historian“).   I had received my MLS degree several years previously and had various forays into the profession.  In February 2010, I began working full-time for a new non-profit in Fort Worth, Texas managing, coordinating and leading the creation of a large-scale digitization program creating digital libraries for a soon to be launched massive, non-profit, content website – OutdoorHistory.com (2015-2016 launch).

My undergraduate studies included a double major in Education and Bible.

I have lived at various times and in various locations in SE Michigan, SE Ontario, Central Florida, S. California, and N. Texas. My beautiful wife is originally from Bogotá , Colombia.

I will post to this site a running commentary on my solo librarian “…experiences setting up a special library  & digital libraries from scratch… along with relevant links and posts from others that I find helpful and/or interesting and in keeping me current with the state of librarianship.

[Disclaimer:  This is a non-commercial, personal blog and not associated with any of my employers.]



Header Photo: Taken from my canoe on the fabulous and beautiful north-flowing St. Johns River near DeLeon Spings, FL


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