LE@D…UNT and Lifelong Education @ Desktop Continuing Education website…08.22.08

22 08 2008

I came across an interesting and useful website today which I plan to use to rhelp eview, update, and complement my library skills/education called LE@D [http://www.leadonline.info/index.cfm] which describes itself as: “…The University of North Texas and Lifelong Education @ Desktop offer, as a community service, a series of online continuing education tutorials. These courses meet an urgent need in the professional community: high-quality, Internet-delivered continuing education that is so economical you can train your entire staff!…” 

A highlight of this project is the very reasonable cost. 

They explain their attractiveness here:

“Quality: LE@D courses are written by people with recognized expertise in their field.  They are practical, not just theoretical, because the authors have been there, and they know.

Flexibility: Take the classes as an individual, or as a group. Use them as a stand-alone training session, or as part of a larger training program. Use them completely on-line, or with a face-to-face program.

Availability: Take the classes when they fit into your schedule. The classes can be completed at your convenience.

Affordability: LE@D classes begin as low as $15 for a three-hour course for individuals, and even lower for group rates.

Most LE@D courses are designed to be completed in 2 to 3 contact hours…”

Although these courses are designed primarily for those without an MLS/MLIS degree, the courses are inexpense and tackle some practical topics not always covered in library school.  Interestingly enough, I live within driving distance of the UNT campus but the post-graduate course fees for library and information science program courses would be prohibitive so this is yet another alternative for continuing education.