“Twitter Search in Plain English”…06.17.09

17 06 2009

Is a Twitpocalypse Near??…06.06.09

9 06 2009


According to the Programmable Web blog:

Within the next few days, some applications and mashups based on the Twitter API may behave unpredictably or even crash – at least that’s the warning given by Canadian software company WhereCloud’s Twitpocalypse website. This impending ‘Twitpocalypse,’much like the famous Y2K bug of 2000, is based on a data processing limitation.

Every tweet in Twitter’s system is uniquely identified by an integer value. For example, the system’s very first public tweet, ‘just setting up my twttr,’ by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, is tweet number 20 (presumably tweets 0 through 19 were used for testing). The maximum signed 32-bit integer value for most database applications is 2,147,483,648. This is a huge value, but the accelerating popularity of Twitter means has the amount of tweets is rapidly approaching this limit. If third party application developers haven’t designed their Twitter clients to store tweet IDs using something like the less restrictive unsigned 64-bit integer data structure, users might start seeing strange errors, such as tweets listed in the wrong order – or worse, applications not working at all...”


Twitter Growth Stops…06.09.09

9 06 2009

Mashable! post The Web in Numbers: Twitter’s Phenomenal Growth Suddenly Stops has some food for thought:

“…While YouTubeYouTube reviews is attracting an ever increasing audience, andFacebookFacebook reviews is still growing fast, Twitter’s growth has suddenly stopped, at least according to the numbers from Compete.

We’ve been covering the steep, steep curve of TwitterTwitter reviews’s increasing visitors for the lastLast.fm reviews couple of months, and it was obvious that it could not go on forever. However, seeing Twitter’s growth flatline with only a 1.47% increase (up to 19,728,619 monthly visitors) is surprising, especially since Twitter-mania has all but stopped. Monthly visits to Twitter, however, have increased by a healthy 6.99%, up to 134,536,240. Of course, Compete’s numbers are not guaranteed to be fully accurate, but they are confirmed by the numbers from Quantcast, for example. It will be interesting to see how Twitter performs in the following months…


Twitter does, however, have some nice numbers to show; according to Nielsen Online, total minutes spent on Twitter rose by a staggering 3712% from April 08 to April 09. In the same period, total minutes spent on Facebook increased 699% year-over-year, growing from 1.7 billion minutes in April 2008 to 13.9 billion in April 2009…”

Twitter Usually Ends Up As “One-Way Micro-Broadcasting”…06.08.09

8 06 2009


A very interesting posting from TechCrunch On Twitter Most People Are Sheep: 80 Percent of Accounts Have Fewer Than 10 Followers reveals the following important information:

“…A full 80 percent of Twitter accounts have fewer than 10 followers, according to an analysis of seven million Twitter accounts provided to TechCrunch by Web security firm Purewire (which operates TweetGrade). What’s more, 30 percent have zero followers…

The fact that an estimated 32 million people around the world visited Twitter.com alone in April certainly indicates that there is something going on there. It just may be that Twitter really isn’t as much about two-way micro-conversations as it is about one-way micro-broadcasting. Indeed, a recent Harvard Business School study suggested that the top 10 percent of Twitter users produce more than 90 percent of all Tweets.

Here is how Purewire breaks down activity on Twitter by number of followers, followings, and Tweets:

Accounts with 0 followers: 29.4%
Accounts with 1 to 9 followers: 50.9%
Accounts with 10 or more followers: 19.7%

Accounts following 0 people: 24.4%
Accounts following 1 to 9 people: 43.4%
Accounts following 10 or more people: 32.2%

Accounts with 0 Tweets: 37.1%
Accounts with 1 to 9 Tweets: 41.0%
Accounts with more 10 or more Tweets: 21.9%…”

Twitter – Now and Into the Future…06.02.09

2 06 2009

Here is an excerpt from a TechCrunch post by MG Siegler titled  The Future of Twitter Visualized which has some good information and a great visualization:

“During his keynote at the TWTRCON conference yesterday in San Francisco, Steve Rubelshowed off a mind map he made entitled ‘The Future of Twitter.’ The map, which I’ve embedded below with his permission, is an interesting way to look at the state of the service…

The map is a good look into what is becoming an increasingly complex web of relationships involving Twitter on the Internet. As the service continues to gain popularity, this web will only continue to expand unless one of the threats destroys it or if a larger company acquires it…”

[Click on image for larger version where you can magnify sections]


Top 7 YouTube Twitter Tutorials…06.01.09

1 06 2009

Here are the top 7 YouTube Twitter Tutorials as noted by Mashable!:

Explore the Vast Reaches of the Twitterverse…05.27.09

27 05 2009

Thanks to Michael Stephen’s post pointing out Preview: The Twitterverse v1.0 by @BrianSolis & @Jess3 (Click on picture for larger image):


(cc) www.briansolis.comwww.jess3.com.

In Brian’s own words: “Twitter connects people through a rich and active exchange of ideas, thoughts, observations, and interests in one, highly collaborative and promising ecosystem. The Twitterverse advances micro interaction and connections through an expanding network of applications, engendering the potential for macro reach and resonance online and IRL.”