“Library Websites for Mobile Devices”…06.20.09

30 06 2009


Here is an excerpt from the Centered Librarian‘s post Library Websites for Mobile Devices which is worth reading completely:

“The Mobile Libraries Blog has an executive summary of the University of Cambridge’s M-Libraries: Information Use On The Move report from the Arcadia Programme. While there’s a substantial list of ways to integrate mobile devices with libraries to better serve patrons, one of the simplest things – ‘Ensuring that the library website is accessible and will resize to smaller screens…to be ready for increasing numbers of netbook users and mobile internet users in the next few years’ – may be the most difficult thing for some institutions. The difficulty is not technical, but a combination of internal politics and marketing…”


First “Handheld Librarian Conference”…06.18.09

18 06 2009


This is from The Handheld Librarian Conference website:

The Handheld Librarian 2009 – An online conference about Mobile Library Services

More people than ever are using mobile devices for a wide variety of purposes including communication, internet access, text messaging, and entertainment. It is important that libraries provide services on these devices as use increases.

The first ever Handheld Librarian Online on July 30, 2009 is the place to learn about these and other topics related to using wireless and handheld devices in your library. The program — sponsored by Alliance Library System, LearningTimes and Infoquest — will include a variety of ways to collaborate, network and learn from a great group of experts in the field. In addition to live interactive webcasts, we will have a collection of available resources, discussions boards, and access to the recording of all live events for one year after the conference.”

Mobile Library Catalog and Website – Orange County Florida…06.01.09

1 06 2009

The website of the Orange County (Florida) Public Library is also available in a mobile platform.  Here is a YouTube video walk through:

Libraries and Next Gen Mobiles…05.26.09

26 05 2009

Here is an excerpt from our Aussie friends at Libraries Interact:

“…How do you think these may affect librarianship? How can library staff use them? How can we offer our services to our users with next gen mobiles? Do you have a favourite app that you use and would recommend to others?

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • In February, Kenley Neufeld listed his Top 10 iPhone Apps for Librarians .
  • Aaron Schmidt from the DC Public Libraries has released the code for an iPhone App that allows library users to search the catalogue, place holds and find opening hours ,DCPL iPhone application ready for download
  • The University of Bath Library has added QR codes to records in the catalogue so that users can scan them using free software that will then show them the author, title and location of the item, QR Codes in the Library.
  • The Abilene Christian University in Texas has produced a video showing a fictional account of what could happen if the entire campus of students and academics were connected using a next gen mobileConnected

The Mobile Library…05.15.09

15 05 2009


The Distant Librarian pointed out today that the main emphasis of the May 2009 issue of Computers in Libraries is “the mobile library”.  Here is the table of contents:


OPACs and the Mobile Revolution
By Samuel Liston

Page 6

Taking Your Library on the Road
By Lorette S. J. Weldon

Page 12

Twitter for Libraries (and Librarians)Click here for FREE full-text version.
By Sarah Milstein

Page 17

Focus on Academic and Research Libraries
By Dick Kaser

Page 34
Editor’s Notes
In the Palm of Their HandClick here for FREE full-text version.
By Dick Kaser
Page 4
Noted & Quoted
By Celeste Peterson-Sloss
Page 28
Tech Tips for Every Librarian
Mobility in and Around the Library
By Jessamyn West
Page 30
Books to Check Out
By John Carr
Page 32
Online Treasures
The Library for the Mobile Patron
By Janet L. Balas
Page 33
News Desk
By Bill Greenwood
Page 38
How to Write for CIL Page 37

The Systems Librarian
Moving Forward Through Tech Cycles
By Marshall Breeding

Page 19

Building Digital Libraries
Thin Client, Meet the Mobile Future
By Terence K. Huwe

Page 22
Libraries in Computers
Connecting Linked Data, OPACs, and Online Exhibits
By Daniel Chudnov
Page 25

DC Public Library Mobile Catalog App Code for iPhone Available Online…04.09.09

9 04 2009


Thanks to the Centered Librarian for the DC Public Library Makes Their iPhone App Code Public post today:

“A short time ago the District of Columbia Public Library launched an innovative and highly useful application for the iPhone which allows users to:

  • search for library materials
  • see an item’s cover and reading a summary
  • place a hold for pickup at the location of your choice
  • and find the hours, locations and phone numbers of DC public libraries

It has been highly successful and to their credit the developers have made their code public under a Creative Commons license here…”


“Replicating the Web: Will Google Dominate Mobile Search?”…02.23.09

23 02 2009


 Michael Boland, of Search Engine Watch, in his posting Replicating the Web: Will Google Dominate Mobile Search? speculates:

Google announced last week that it will offer a search box to mobile Web publishers to plant on their sites and share revenue from search results.

This is an extension of its existing AdSense for Mobile program, and is no surprise. Google is following the same path it did online many years ago: Partnering with publishers to share ad inventory and planting its search box all over the place…

Stepping back, we’re seeing mobile search providers stake claims that will soon become a much more substantial mobile Web. The name of the game will be landing publisher and carrier deals: For the latter, Microsoft recently became the search provider for Verizon; and Yahoo has a longstanding mobile deal (extension of its online deal) with AT&T for on-deck search applications.

But Google seems to be placing its bet on off-deck searches, which are growing as the mobile Web becomes more like the online Web

Google is looking at a growth medium in mobile. The mobile Web holds more than 50 million users in the U.S. (about 25 percent of the number of online users), a figure The Kelsey Group expects will nearly double over the next five years…

Mobile behavior is quickly evolving, so it’s hard to say what standards will emerge. But if trends continue, Google could be positioned well with AdSense for mobile.

Generally speaking, it could be positioned well for search overall. As the mobile Web becomes more like the online Web, online search behavior could carry over to the mobile environment — a good thing for Google and its 63.5 percent market share.

It’s already starting to happen. Google’s 63 percent share of mobile search queries is eerily close to this online share. Now that it’s effectively positioned an early lead in the next big growth medium, we can expect many more years of Google dominance (if there was ever a doubt).”

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