So Many E-books Now Available Online–Many FREE…07.22.08

22 07 2008

Now that I’ve been thinking more specifically of creating a unified personal learning network, resources seem to be popping up all over.  The following post is from July 16, 2008 [Disclaimer-I don’t necessarily personally approve of everything on the lists, their names, or their contents]:

“…More than 100 (web 2.0) addictive book related sites where you can spend any minute of the rest of your life! Linking more than 1.000.000 free books and stories.

Fan Fiction / SF / Fantasy

44 elfwood
45 bean free library
47 fictionpress
48 fictionalley
49 subreality

Make your own books

83 blurb
84 Lulu 100

Magz, Reviews and Interviews

98 Reader Robot
99 cnn reviews
100 small spiral notebook
101 bookrags

Collect and Read Together

108 bookmooch
109 librarything
110 shelfari
111 bibliophil
112 chainreading
113 goodreads
114 bookglutton
115 …”


Considering Creating a PLN (Personal Learning Network)…07.21.08

21 07 2008

Whether I knew it or not, I have been working on the creation of a PLN on a few different topics, usually library oriented.  I found the following post from “The Thinking Stick” blog called “Stages of PLN Adoption” [] pretty interesting and something to which I want to devote much thought.

David Warlick wrote a post the other day about being able to zip up or turn off your Personal Learning Network (PLN). I too have been thinking about how one goes about starting a PLN, how do you monitor it, and how do you learn to shut it off…

I have noticed an emerging trend of what one goes through when adopting a PLN for the first time. I myself continue to look at the stages I am going through in adopting this new way of learning, interacting, and teaching in a collaborative, connected world…

Stages of Personal Learning Networks Adoption

Stage 1 Immersion: Immerse yourself into networks. Create any and all networks you can find where there are people and ideas to connect to. Collaboration and connections take off.

Stage 2 Evaluation: Evaluate your networks and start to focus in on which networks you really want to focus your time on. You begin feeling a sense of urgency and try to figure out a way to “Know it all.”

Stage 3 Know it all: Find that you are spending many hours trying to learn everything you can. Realize there is much you do not know and feel like you can’t disconnect. This usually comes with spending every waking minutes trying to be connected to the point that you give up sleep and contact with others around you to be connected to your networks of knowledge.

Stage 4 Perspective: Start to put your life into perspective. Usually comes when you are forced to leave the network for awhile and spend time with family and friends who are not connected (a vacation to a hotel that does not offer a wireless connection, or visiting friends or family who do not have an Internet connection).

Stage 5 Balance: Try and find that balance between learning and living. Understanding that you can not know it all, and begin to understand that you can rely on your network to learn and store knowledge for you. A sense of calm begins as you understand that you can learn when you need to learn and you do not need to know it all right now.

Personally I continue to struggle with balance in my life between being connected and being here in person… PLNs are very powerful, but they are not all there is to life…and I’m just glad I have a wife who reminds me of that from time to time. )

I’ve created this image as a way to show what I’m thinking. I believe there is also a correlation here with learning. As you immerse yourself into the network your learning increases, the more you learn, the more you want to learn, the more immersed you become within the network. Until you reach a point that you understand the fundamentals of Web 2.0, the direction of Education, or whatever it is that interests you and you have in your PLN to begin with.

I also do not believe you have to go through all these stages. Some people jump from stage 2 to stage 5 or do not become so immersed into their PLN that they ever reach stage 3, that sense of having to ‘know it all.’…