Library Goes Live With QR Codes…08.14.09

14 08 2009

SMS Reference QR Code Screenshot

The Civil Librarian has posted about the Sacramento Public Library with their first application of QR Codes:

“Sacramento Public Library has ‘gone live’ with our first application of QR codes! This is a small one but I’m excited nonetheless because of the great potential that QR codes have in improving our services. On our library blog, Grand Central, we now have a QR code posted in the sidebar that, when scanned, will load the contact information for our SMS reference service directly into the user’s phone…”

Libraries and QR Codes…08.11.09

11 08 2009


(QR Code for the Lone Wolf Librarian blog)

There hasn’t been much discussion of libraries and QR codes lately but today there is a good post from the Emily Brown, Outreach Librarian at Northeastern State University, Muskogee campus, on her blog brownez@thelibrary titled Tuesday Two.Oh! Tools for Advertising which is excerpted here:

“…We will actually be taking a look at two sites today, both of which are easy to use and easy to navigate. So, get out those cell phones and let’s start talking QR Codes

I was introduced to this technology by an innovative librarian at the University of Central Oklahoma, Amanda Lemon. Amanda and Jason Cimock (also of UCO) presented at this years COIL workshop, unCOILed. They spoke about mobile phones in the classroom, and their presentation can be found here. Part of the presentation focused on todays tool, QR Codes. It’s a very interesting presentation, and if you have time, I suggest that you take a look.

On to the tools! The first tool we’ll be taking a look at is Mircosoft Tag Beta

There are a lot of potential uses for this technology.

To be fair, there are a lot of code creations sites out there. Spend a little time on Google and you’ll find a site that fits your needs. With that in mind, let’s look at another code creation option. Q-Lytics…”

Of course, Europeans seem to be more committed to QR Codes 🙂 as this video will attest:

RFID and QR Codes from TouchTag…08.06.09

6 08 2009


Here is an excerpt from a very interesting development with RFID and QR Codes from a post on TechCrunch titled Review: TouchTag RFID System:

“...Touchatag is an RFID and QR system that uses a web-based client to interact with your PC. The starter package with a reader and ten tags costs $39.95 and tags cost $24.95 for a pack of 25. 500 tags cost $474.95 but what the heck do you need 500 for?

When you bring the tags close to the reader it senses their unique ID and then triggers an action. Actions include sending an email, making a Skype call or, in the case of this clever app, changing the song on your media player. You can also use a Nokia 6212 NFC phone, essentially a phone with near field transmission built-in as well as use QR codes on the iPhone or Blackberry. The QR system isn’t nearly as compelling as the RFID system, though, so it’s not worth much of a look.

Obviously the coolest application is the RFID interaction. By simply waving a card or object in front of your PC you can shut everything down or trigger an action…

More on Mobile QR Codes Used in Libraries…06.26.09

26 06 2009


If you are interested in QR code use in libraries, there are several older posts to check out.  Here is an excerpt from Helene Blowers who has a discussion  on LibraryBytes today QR Tags & Concept Leadership:

“Concept leadership is one of areas that my department, Digital Services, tries to focus on. It’s important for us to continuously keep on top of new and emerging technologies and explore ways that the library and our customers can benefit from them.

QR tags is a technology that has actually been around for a few years. But until the mass adoption of smartphones with cameras, there wasn’t a dominant market yet for their use. When we launched our mobile text-based catalog early this spring we began to think of ways that we could use technology to market it smartly. QR tags seemed like a natural choice, since they are specifically designed for mobile devices. While we’re still playing with this idea some and refining the concept, the idea of placing QR tags in strategically defined places within the library on informational signs does seem to have a lot of merit. Not only does it have the potential to introduce the public to a new technology, it also tells those who are already tech savvy and familiar with mobile QR tags that the library has a mobile catalog.

For those that are not familiar with how QR tags work, here’s a short overview and a video demonstration…”

Lorcan Dempsey included a piece today about library barcodes in Apple, Netbooks and Barcodes :

“…One of the hits of the conference was the discussion by Kate Robinson of the use of QR Codes in the catalog at the University of Bath (blogged here earlier this year). It prompted discussion of the variety of ways in which people and materials could be tied into the network.

The Globe and Mail had several stories about capturing data from codes.

  • Databars. A discussion of the use of Databars, smaller than barcodes, in retail and supply-chain operations.
  • Samplesaint: a story about how this company, which creates digital media for cell phones, now distributes discount coupons for redemption by on-screen scanning at the checkout. Coupons can be received in various ways, including in response to an on-the-spot request by texting a number found on the relevant shelf.
  • There is also a general discussion of the use of cell phones as payment devices.

Interestingly, these were opposite an advert for IBM (featuring a barcode image) which promoted its ability to make supply chains smarter and more efficient.”

See Also: Simple Use of QR Codes in Libraries

Libraries and Nex Gen Mobiles

QR Codes – “Transpromo Cross Media Interactivity

QR Codes – “Transpromo Cross Media Interactivity”…05.14.08

14 05 2009


Since I have many posts on QR Codes, specifically their use or potential use in and by libraries and I just really liked the description of the use of QR Codes as “transpromo cross media interactivity” by Code Z QR I thought I would bring attention to their QR Code blog which is worth keeping tabs on for ideas on using this technology – plus they are also from Texas.

QR Codes in the Library – Projects to Watch…05.08.09

8 05 2009

QR Code Lib

This is an excerpt of a post on the PLA blog today about QR Code projects in libraries:

“…Also great was Bonnie Pierce of the Dover Town LibraryBonnie is a champion of QR codes and other 2d barcode systems, and she clearly sees the opportunites associated with linking objects and physical spaces with information and virtual spaces.  Check out her site. Expect to keep hearing about this technology- Bonnie has something exciting brewing in Dover, and I’ve got a QR code project in the works down in Greenpoint, Brooklyn…”

QR Code (Quick Response Code) News…05.06.09

6 05 2009


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