“65% of Tweets Still Come From the Web”…08.21.09

21 08 2009

twitter-clientsFrom Mashable! article 65% of Tweets Still Come From the Web


Updated List of Libraries on Twitter…08.04.09

4 08 2009

Today there is an UPDATED list of libraries on Twitter from the Circulation blog from Lindy Brown.


Harris Poll – Consumer Perceptions About Twitter…07.28.09

28 07 2009

harris-interactive-linkedin-opinion-twitter-effectiveness-us-adults-july-2009 (1)

Would you like to know more? Read: Twitter’s Biggest Problem: Most People Still Don’t Know What It’s There For

Twitter and the Lone Wolf…07.23.09

23 07 2009


Since inquiring minds want to know, my Twitter account is LoneWolfMLS.

I prefer other means of communication normally, but I do find it frequently useful.

BTW, the Lone Wolf will be incommunicado tomorrow.


“Twitter Search in Plain English”…07.06.09

6 07 2009

NEW – “Twitter for Busy People”…06.20.09

30 06 2009


Mashable! today highlighted “Twitter for Busy People” which it describes as:

“Spending too much time reading friends’ Tweets? Only got 5 mins and you’d need an hour to get through em all?

No worries: you can now speed-read your way through your Tweet reading with Twitter For Busy People, a new interface for Twitter created by the team at Bluejava. The idea is that you can skim all the people you’re following and see the latest tweet from each…”

“Twitter Search in Plain English”…06.17.09

17 06 2009